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This shy guy needed a little time to feel at home.

I brought Mooch* home about two years ago now and I waited to write because he?s not the same cat today that he was then. In the shelter, he seemed very calm and let me pet him, but when we got home, he was very aggressive. He would try to bite or scratch me whenever I came near. I brought him to the vet and there was nothing physically wrong with him so I resigned myself to having a less than friendly pet and gave him space. I?ve had cats before, but Mooch has a very different background than the others. He was found in an abandoned house and was eating wallpaper to survive. He was in the shelter for a time, which can be stressful on the animals, so of course he was going to be high strung and untrusting. It took some time, but the scratchy biter I had turned out to be a sweet and lovable guy. Sometimes I think he?s really a dog because he?ll greet me at the door and he loves to play fetch with his stuffed mouse. He?s still shy around strangers but once he gets to know you, you'll have a friend for life. I?m glad I was patient because Mooch needed time to trust me before he could be himself.

*Mooch was formerly named as Colonel John Shepard.

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