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If you have lost your pet, please post the following information in the Post a Lost Pet link below:

  • Your name and contact information. 
  • The location where your pet was last seen. This is especially important as it can help people locate your pet!
  • A complete description of your pet including any behavior characteristics that may stand out.
  • The date your pet went missing.

Please be as detailed as you can as any piece of information, no matter how small, may help bring your pet home. 

Please include a photograph in your posting. Images should be 72 dpi and no larger than 300 pixels x 300 pixels.

In order to ensure that your content will go through, please make sure to click Newington, Waterford or Westport in the segmentation menu and click the "Populate IPTC Data" button when you upload your picture. If you do not take these steps, your posting and picture will not appear on our website. 

If you have found a pet, please view the owner submitted listings below.

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Rachel was last seen Sunday, Dec 3, 11:00pm at Crooked Mile Road and Hollow Tree Ridge Road, Darien. She is wearing a brown collar w/flowers and name/phone tag. She may bark at first but if you extend a hand to her level she will sniff and let you pet her. She loves to carry little squeek toys. Rachel is deeply loved by our family and our other dogs. Please call if you see her or someone with her. She ran through the woods hunting an animal and could have lost her tag or collar in the process.

Contact: or Cell: 203-554-0034


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