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"The Connecticut Humane Society is the leading resource in the state for companion animal welfare, enriching the lives of families and communities through adoption services, medical care, education, and prevention of cruelty."

Reasons To Give

The Connecticut Humane Society provides shelter, care and love to thousands of pets each year. Your support directly helps pets in our community.

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Join us at our events. See us in the news. Learn about what's happening at CT Humane.  

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Pets Of The Week

Make one of our media stars your best friend...

My name is Bella and I have a smile that will light up the room and your life. I love to spend time outdoors and am a sucker for belly rubs. Click the link and find out if I am the one for you.

Prevent Cruelty, Donate Now 

Rescue them from abuse and neglect.  

Some of the most difficult wounds are the ones that cannot be seen. Say "NO" to cruelty and neglect. Change innocent lives. Donate now. 

Family Opens "Pandora's" Box Filled With Love

Adoptee helps her "big brother" overcome fear of men.

Brandee and her family loved their shepherd mix Nikko but he has never been able to really let go of his fear of men. Learn how adopting a second dog has helped the entire family!

Pet Wellness Clinic

CT Humane and partners help underserved pets. 

On May 18, the Connecticut Humane Society, the Community Foundation of Eastern CT and St. Vincent De Paul Place partnered to hold a pet wellness clinic in Norwich. Learn more about this great initiative.

Sponsored Pets Of The Month

Supporters make a difference in the lives of hard to place pets. 

This month, Max is looking for love in Waterford. He has plenty of love to spare and simply wants the perfect retirement home. Is he the one for you? Find out today. More.


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Copyright 2013 Connecticut Humane Society