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Mission Statement

"The Connecticut Humane Society is the leading resource in the state for companion animal welfare, enriching the lives of families and communities through adoption services, medical care, education, and prevention of cruelty."

Pets of the Week

Make one of our media stars your best friend...

Meet Max the Amazing Cat. This handsome 8 year old is extremely friendly and loving. Want to make him a part of your life? Visit our Waterford adoption center and take him home. Learn more 

Donate Now And Stop The Suffering

Provide lifesaving care to abandoned, homeless pets.  

If every pet had a home, overpopulation wouldn't be an issue. Hungry, cold, scared and often sick, homeless pets need our help to find homes. More.

Run or Walk with us!

Early bird registration pricing extended through tax day.

Run or Walk with us and raise funds to save pets' lives. Find out more about this great event. We can't wait to see you there.  

Trainer's Corner

Touch Targeting for Felines. 

Just exactly IS touch targeting? It involves training your pet to voluntarily touch an object. Touch targeting is one of the foundations for training pets for assistance work. Find out More.

Sponsored Pet of The Month

Two teens from Middlesex County make a difference. 

Marisa, age 16 and sister Tori, age 14, are the face of philanthropy in Connecticut. Together, they are sponsoring one cat adoption a month at our Newington Adoption Center. More.


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