Care & Training

The Connecticut Humane Society is dedicated to providing the pets that come into our care the best in enrichment and training during their stay and after they go home. As a reflection of this goal, we implement a behavior and training program within the shelters for all animal residents. Dogs and cats that have behavior issues undergo behavior modification so that they can be safe companions and community members post-adoption. All dogs participate in the Shelter Dog Training program in which they learn basic obedience commands and good canine manners. Cats also receive daily enrichment and training. (Yes, you can train a cat too!) The goals of the behavior and training program are to improve the quality of life of shelter animals, teach pets and their owners how to create a lifelong relationship through positive, reward-based methods, and to enhance the human-animal bond.

Training Classes

All dogs benefit from training classes in which they (and their owners) can learn obedience commands, troubleshoot behavior problems and socialize with their canine peers. CHS provides clicker and reward-based training classes from puppy kindergarten to advanced obedience and more.

Behavior Consultation Program 

Adopters may have ongoing questions about the behavior of their new family member. CHS has an experienced behavior and training department that can help adopters understand their pets’ behavior and learn to curb undesirable traits through professional and humane methods.  

Behavior and Training Tips

It is important for pet owners to educate themselves about their pet’s behavior. CHS' online library and behavior/training tips provide reliable information to help guide owners faced with questions and concerns. Pet owners should always speak with a veterinarian, certified dog trainer or professional behaviorist regarding their pet’s behavior.

Click here to download a training manual for use at home.

Care & Training

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