Humane Education

At the Connecticut Humane Society, we believe that humane education is the key to the prevention of cruelty and neglect of animal companions. CHS offers opportunities for children and adults to learn about the importance of responsible pet ownership and care. Most programs also include a service component. It takes a community working together to make our world a better place for animals. 


Tours and Visiting Speakers 

Does your group want to learn more about the Connecticut Humane Society? Are you interested in learning how your group can make a difference for pets in need? Schedule a group tour at one of the Connecticut Humane Society’s Pet Wellness and Adoption Centers and see firsthand how CHS is making a difference for animals in need. Or request a speaker to visit your group for a presentation about how CHS plays a vital role in providing animal welfare services for the people and pets of Connecticut. Visiting speaker programs are tailored for either adults or teens.



Classroom Programs 

The Safety PAWtrol: Dog Safety and Bite Prevention for Children: Knowing the right and wrong ways to interact with dogs is key. It is especially vital for children to learn how to act around them because, let's face it: dog bites happen. Click here to learn more.

PaCK: Pets and Caring Kids: Pets are a ton of fun, but they also take a lot of work! This engaging program explores what different types of pets need to be happy and healthy and how these needs compare with our own. Click here to learn more.


Service Projects  

Get involved in a service project to benefit the Connecticut Humane Society. Typical projects include a donation drive to collect items from the Wish List, running a lemonade stand, holding a car wash, and making homemade items for the shelter residents like cat scratchers, edible chew toys, no-sew bandanas and no-sew pet beds. Service project acknowledgement includes a private tour of the shelter location closest to you. Visit the third-party fundraising page to find out how you can get involved.

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