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2016 Annual Report

A healing touch. It all starts with medical attention, when veterinarians, assistants and technicians provide quality, loving care to each pet ensuring that they will have a healthy future.
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2015 Annual Report

Combine families committed to choosing adoption, and dedicated staff and volunteer who respond "YES" to every challenge, and the generosity of supporters and donors, and you have the magical ingredients for the perfect recipe to achieving daily miracles. Ellen Sharon, President.
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2014 Annual Report

Each and every animal that comes to us is a precious responsibility. They are counting on all of us to make things right. It is your ongoing support that lets us look into the eyes of each individual animal in our care and say "You still matter." Ellen Sharon, President
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2013 Annual Report

One of my favorite things to do is to spend an afternoon at one of our three adoption centers, soaking in all the happiness as animals of every size, shape and age find the thing they all dream of: a home of their own with someone to love. N urturing the amazing human-animal bond is the heart and soul of the Connecticut Humane Society's work. Ellen Sharon, President
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2012 Annual Report

With the continued support of our faithful donors, our big-hearted adopters, our committed volunteers, and our compassionate and skilled staff, your Connecticut Humane Society can look back on a year of success and accomplishment. Ellen Sharon, President

To read past issues of Pet Life, download the PDF’s below:


2018 February Pet Life

Buddy's transformation took him from dirty, defeated and homeless, to a cherished companion who knows he's loved and has a perpetual pep in his step. Read about this 4-year-old Shih Tzu's journey.


2017 November Pet Life

Mikey hardly resembled a dog. He was more like a very round, very tangled, gray ball of fuzz with a little black nose. There were eyes in here, somewhere, buried under a dirty, overgrown coat of fur. And when he walked - no, waddled - you could tell he was uncomfortable. Read more...


2017 August Pet Life

As the saying goes, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover...or, in the animal world, a dog by his cropped ears and tough-guy look. That was Conrad's motto when he arrived at the CHS Pet Wellness and Adoption Center in Waterford. Read more...


2017 February Pet Life

 257 days in the shelter. 21 vet exams. 2 surgeries. 1 foster home. That’s Clyde by the numbers. And they were digits no one expected when he first arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society. Read more...


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