Behavior Consultation Program

Problem behavior is one of the leading reasons why animals are relinquished to shelters. In order to prevent pet homelessness, the Connecticut Humane Society’s Behavior Consultation Program is designed to keep adopted pets with their families and help owners understand and modify their pet’s undesirable behaviors.

CHS offers complimentary behavior consultations for pets adopted from the Society for 6 months after the date of adoption. The service includes an initial 2-hour in-person consultation, one follow up appointment and three months of phone/email follow up. This service is not available to members of the general public who have gotten their pets from another source.

If an adopter needs a behavior consultation after the first 6 months, the service is available for a fee. The first in-person consultation is $50 and each additional appointment is $35 per hour. Three months of phone/email follow up will be provided after the initial appointment.

To request a behavior consultation, please download and complete the Behavioral History Questionnaire. Then, please call or email the Behavior and Training Department at the shelter where you adopted your pet.  Please allow the staff up to 72 hours to return your inquiry. 

Staff is trained to discuss and modify a range of behavior problems for both dogs and cats, including housesoiling, litter box avoidance, unruly behavior, destructive behavior, separation anxiety, leash reactivity and aggression. While the staff is highly trained and professional, we reserve the right to refuse service if we believe your pet would benefit from another program or if your pet may put the staff at serious risk.

Many behavior problems require direct observation by staff, so in-person consultations may be requested. In-person consultations are approximately 2 hours, during which a Behavior and Training Department staff member will review a completed questionnaire, observe your pet’s behavior* and demonstrate the customized techniques necessary for your pet’s improvement. Oftentimes, owners are asked to bring in their pets for follow-up appointments as well so staff can observe progress and make any necessary alterations to the individualized improvement plan. Please note that you may be required to provide staff with medical records or additional veterinary testing or intervention at your own cost.

If you are a member of the general public and have gotten your pet from another rescue organization, breeder or pet store, Pet Education and Therapy, LLC. supports dog owners with behavior concerns by offering consultations. Behavior consultations are a fee-based service for the general public facilitated through Pet Education and Therapy, LLC. Please visit Pet Education and Therapy, LLC. for more information or contact Audrey Tucker by phone at 860-667-2663.

*Cats are not required to come in for in-person consultations – please leave your feline friends at home!



Becca Meyer, Behavior Coordinator
800-452-0114, x6210,


Rachel McCarthy, Behavior Coordinator
800-452-0114, x6505,


Evelia Rivera, Behavior Coordinator
800-452-0114, x6605,

Behavior Consultation Program

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