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Found Pets
If you have found a pet, please follow the steps below to help reunite the pet with its family:

  • Per state law, stray and lost dogs must be reported to the Animal Control Officer (ACO) in your local police department.
  • Stray cats should also be reported to Animal Control, in the event that their owner has filed a lost pet report. If Animal Control is not able to assist with a cat, contact us to see if we can accept the cat into our shelters. Both local ACO and the Connecticut Humane Society are equipped with microchip scanners. If a microchip is found, this greatly increases the chances of reuniting the pet with its family.
  • Check your local papers, and websites such as or "Lost and Found Dogs of Connecticut" on Facebook, under the “lost” section. You can also post the pet in the found section of these websites.
  • Watch the “lost” ads in your local paper and respond to any ad that matches the pet's description.
  • Let your local veterinarians and groomers know that you've found the pet in case they receive a call from its owner.

Visit our Lost Pets search engine below. If you see a pet that matches the description of the pet you've found, contact the Connecticut Humane Society at 800-452-0114 and we will assist with contacting the owner. If you do not see the pet you found in this search engine visit the owner submitted lost pets page to see if the pet you found is there.  If you don't see the pet you found in either search, post a photo, description and your contact information here


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