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Thank you for adopting your new best friend from the Connecticut Humane Society. Would you like to let everyone know how your new pet has changed your life? Your story may inspire others to adopt their next furry, or feathered friend at CHS.

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Gronk and Olivia

Gronk, formerly "Ace" from the Newington branch. We adopted him at 2 1/2 months- he is now 3! Olivia was adopted about 6 months ago from the Waterford branch and is 8 mo old. They have become best friends and love getting into trouble together!

Lolo Hopped Into Our Hearts

Instagram Bunny: lolorowyourboat

Back in February, we adopted Lolo! We were first time rabbit owners but she has been such an amazing bunny for us. She even made the move from NYC to Virginia with us. She hops into bed and wakes us up in the morning, she explores every inch of our bunny proofed apartment, and she zooms around like a speedy little bunny. We love Lolo and we're so glad we adopted from the loving staff at the Westport center. If you want to see how great Lolo has been, you can check out her Instagram page: lolorowyourboat


Who rescued who?

Recently divorced and moving into a new place, I found myself living alone for the first time in my life.

At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to bring a cat into this madness even though I knew eventually I wanted one, but I found myself on the road, headed towards the CT Humane Society in Westport on October 8th, 2017.

My mom had seen Thumbelina's picture on the website and even at the shelter, kept gravitating back towards her cage saying "I wanna know her story and what she's like."

The second one of the many helpful staff opened her cage, I knew she had to come home with me. I held my hand out for her and she immediately started rubbing against it over and over.

Fast forward 24 hours and she became queen of the house. It didn't take her long to claim her spot in my bed and even seek out my attention any time she wanted it. She will follow me around while meowing and purring up a storm.

She quickly wiggled her way into my life and heart. Adopting Thumbelina was by far the best decision I had made in quite some time.

The Missing Piece

My family and I had gotten a cat from the Connecticut Humane Society over a dozen years ago who turned out to be the best family member anyone could have asked for. When his time came to a close, everyone was so broken hearted we weren't sure we could get another cat.

One fateful weekend before Christmas in 2015, I decided it was time to get another buddy for our other senior cat, who was now alone in the house. There was only one kitten left when I arrived as the Connecticut Humane Society once again, and decided to take a look at him. This little black and white ball of fur was listed as a "failure to thrive," and was on medication. Underweight and the runt of the litter, I knew he was the one.

Today, that little runt is one of the most gentle and sweetest cats I have ever owned, and he and his older brother nap together every day. Thank you for all our furry family members that have given us so much joy.

The sweetest girl I ever met.

A few days ago (Sunday, October 8th to be exact) I went to the humane society in search of a feline friend to help me transition to a new home. Living alone had me sad at night.

As my mom and I waited to be helped by one of the many friendly staff members, we looked around. My mom found herself over and over returning to Thumbelina's cage. She was this gorgeous black cat with white paws. The look on her face said "don't mess with me," but when they opened her cage so I could interact with her, I immediately knew she was the one.

Bringing her home, she was of course very scared, but before I even had her for 24 hours, she had opened up drastically. She started meowing and purring and seeking out attention.

Before long, she had the run of the house and quickly claimed her rightful title as "princess." It didn't take her long at all to put her trust in me and find her spot next to me in bed at night.

Adopting Thumbelina is was the absolute best decision I ever made and she has made nights here so much easier.

Living through the Thin Space

The Thin Space is where a deep connection to a spirit is found.

  • Thin Space

In 2002 my wife, who has never owned a dog, spent months going to and from the Newington Humane Society to find the perfect dog. How she could determine this I will never know. I was away on a youth mission trip when I got back, after 12 hours of driving a van with 6 high schoolers she ushered me into her car to drive up to see a dog she fell in love with. Being tired I resisted but fell in line with her request since she was going to drive the 45 mins to Newington.

Walking into the building my wife said to the worker "He's finally here! Can we get to visit with the dog named Cindy?" We went into the adoption room and in came this 11 pound little puppy, very demure, tired as I was and for me it was a no brainer. I love dogs and I couldn't go with her because I'd probably pick the first three and bring them all home so I had to let go of any decision making until she found her dog. We couldn't take Cindy that day as she had to be tagged and she also had an infection to where she was spayed so there was no promise that she would live through it. Two weeks latter she picked up Cindy who now had a new name. Kiefer. Little did we know what Kiefer would do for our lives. There are a ton of stories about her and I will reflect on a few.

- In puppy class she was voted most social not most obedient.

- When two she took a whole cooked chicken, in pieces, off the kitchen counter with our disputing the cooking pan. Nothing showing she did it so my wife thought I did it.

- Kiefer contracted the sickness that came during the dog food crisis and my wife cooked for 6 months chicken, bacon, peas, carrots to get her back to health.

- Kiefer was walked twice daily during the week and one huge walk on Saturday and Sunday. She never weighed more than the 45 lbs. her adult life.

- We took every vacation around her, renting dog friendly houses. Mostly in Maine and her favorite was when we went to Monhegan.

- She's been to DC, Phily, New York City, Boston, Baltimore as she was such a pleasure to be with and travel with.

- Last week we went to her favorite park in Cheshire, Mixvill and sat with her. Green pastures, still waters, a table prepared for her. We spent 6 hours while she sat on her bed with us. She was just short of 16 years. The best 16 years of our lives. Today I miss her terribly as I miss that thin space that we had together. She truly gave us her spirit whenever we were together.

I wanted to thank CT humane Society for rescuing her and giving my wife and I the chance to find a deeper love than anyone could imagine.

Kiefer has done her job and we were lucky to be her project. Rest in Peace my love. We will always think of you.

Guinness (the dog :) )

We found THE CUTEST DOG at the Westport Humane Society!!!!

Me and my Dad were going back home from the dump. '' Do you want to go to the pound?'' my dad asked. I immediately said '' YES!" but it was closed. So we went to the Humane Society. We were about to leave when I suggested we go up the ramp because we had never been up there before. He said yes. There is were we found the perfect dog " Pheonix ''. We called the rest of the family and told them to meet us there. Not long after we adopted him and named him Guinness because he was black and tan. THANK YOU WESTPORT HUMANE SOCIETY!!!!!!!!

The Camper Cat

the best thing I did 4 years ago was to check out the Humane Society website. And there was Momma looking at me and I knew I had to have her.

We adopted Maggie Mae (fka Momma) 4 years ago and she is the most wonderful companion. She loves to go camping and travel in the RV. She loves to sit with you or in a chair next to you, especially at the campground.


This shy guy needed a little time to feel at home.

I brought Mooch* home about two years ago now and I waited to write because he?s not the same cat today that he was then. In the shelter, he seemed very calm and let me pet him, but when we got home, he was very aggressive. He would try to bite or scratch me whenever I came near. I brought him to the vet and there was nothing physically wrong with him so I resigned myself to having a less than friendly pet and gave him space. I?ve had cats before, but Mooch has a very different background than the others. He was found in an abandoned house and was eating wallpaper to survive. He was in the shelter for a time, which can be stressful on the animals, so of course he was going to be high strung and untrusting. It took some time, but the scratchy biter I had turned out to be a sweet and lovable guy. Sometimes I think he?s really a dog because he?ll greet me at the door and he loves to play fetch with his stuffed mouse. He?s still shy around strangers but once he gets to know you, you'll have a friend for life. I?m glad I was patient because Mooch needed time to trust me before he could be himself.

*Mooch was formerly named as Colonel John Shepard.


Snowball has eased my heart and has made the pain of losing our beautiful Sadie. We are coming to Clear The Shelter to pick up a Kitty friend for Snowball

  • Snowie when she was a baby


In July of 2016 we lost our baby Sadie (Shepherd/Lab mix)

She was 15 y/o. I (momma) was so depressed, I missed her so much. So my boyfriend and my son decided that they were going to take me to Clear the Shelters. I walked around and around and not until we saw Snowball did I know we had found the right one.

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