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Sir Edward the Great
  • Sir after a 7 mike run

I was searching and in need of a best friend. Someone to share daily long runs, hikes, and fun. Someone who wouldn't mind the life of a human who trains other humans in the art of strength and endurance. Someone to share my home, sleep next to me, and accept all my love and smiles. I was lucky enough to adopt that new best friend and companion, and in turn be the one showered with love and gratitude... and lots of kisses. This someone is my best boy, Sir Edward the Great. When he was adopted back in February, he went by the name Edgar. I kept slipping up, and calling him Edward, and eventually he was to become Sir Edward. He rules the woods, runs like the wind, and has a smile from sun up to sun down. Best of all, he is the BEST friend I've ever had. He is my baby. I opened my home and heart to him, and in return he has given me more love and companionship than I thought possible. Thank you to the Westport CT Humane Society for completing our lives and our home. Every day is a new adventure, and I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime. I thought I was saving a beautiful dog and giving him a forever home, when in reality he saved me and has brought so much joy and love into my life.

Besties with Beanie

I knew from the link on the website that she was the one. I had just graduated nursing school and was studying for my state exam when I saw this little kitten named Oxygen, and I knew she was meant to be. Since that day back in 2015, renamed to Beanie, she had been my best friend and personal sidekick these past three years. She's fit in quite well with the family and has quite the personality. She has since been promoted to watch cat and star bug catcher. Thank you so much for all your help as I couldn't imagine not having this little fun loving fur ball in my life!

Our new addition!

Bridgette ( now named Cici) has settled in her new home very quickly . The minute we got home she loved it . She has been winning over our 7 year old cats heart and chasing him around . They both love to sleep on our bed together . As soon as I held her at the shelter I fell in love with her, I knew she was the one. She's truly a blessing.

Hunters new home

Well we're on our first full day and boy am I ��. I was so excited to meet my family I have a new human sister and two human brothers. They were so excited taking me for walks and playing outside. I only got up once to go to the bathroom and my new human mom Brandy was OK with that.


Luna A Tribute

Luna Ran Our Lives. She will always be in our Hearts. Gratefully Sylvina Rollins frequently contribute to the Humane Society!

  • Just Released Luna a Tribute by Sylvina Rollins

In this charming tribute, artist Sylvina Rollins paints a portrait, literally, of her beloved white German Shepherd, Luna. Sylvina's colorful musings about life with the rescue dog she reluctantly adopted and ultimately adored beyond comprehension, are the fitting companion to her vibrant portfolio of portraits of Luna, richly colorful paintings in oil. Heartfelt, humorous, at times disgusting; the adventures of Luna will tickle your funny bone and capture your heart. Available on Amazon

Amazing Gracie

What began as an unlucky trip to the casino turned out to be one of the greatest jackpots of all, thanks to meeting little Gracie!

Last fall, we were driving home from an unlucky trip to the casino and happened to catch a radio commercial for CTHS. As a couple who recently moved in together, we were looking to add a furry friend to the family. We decided to visit the shelter where Gracie had arrived only a couple days earlier. When we arrived her kennel I realized I had never seen a dog with such happy and bright eyes. When we first got to spend time with her at the shelter, she was friendly as can be.

On September 27th, 2017 we brought Gracie home for the first time. From the moment she arrived she was the perfect fit. She loves playing fetch and is the life of the party. She enjoys welcoming company over whether it may be friends or family. Gracie is never too far from one of her favorite stuffed toys.
At the end of the day, we ended up hitting the jackpot after all. We started a new and exciting chapter of our lives with Gracie by our side. Thank you CT Humane Society for our new best friend!

-Savannah and Devon

Orange Love!

When I first saw Mr. Gold's photo (Now named Arlo) on Facebook, I absolutely fell in love. He came into CHS sick and his picture just melted my heart. From that day on, I had the website up all day long, everyday. Refreshing the adoptable pets page - waiting for him to appear!

We took a trip to CHS once to just look and decided to ask about the orange kitten I saw a few weeks prior on Facebook but they were not able to provide any information since the kitten was not up for adoption yet.

So I continued to wait and refresh and refresh the webpage daily. Then one day, 2 orange kittens appeared ready for adoption. We dropped what we were going, left work early and rushed to CHS Newington. As we walked in, the orange kitten I thought was "the one" was being adopted. We looked at the second orange kitten, who was FIV positive, and quickly realized this was actually the one I had seen!!

Since then, Arlo has grown up to be such a wonderful kitten! He'll always be our little kitten! He makes us smile and laugh everyday with all that he does - even when he's being a menace! 
I'm happy to report that at his one year check-up he was re-tested for FIV and the test came back negative! He is now a big (11 pounds!), completely healthy cat that we look forward to having in our lives for years & years to come!

Casper and Luna

Husband and wife fell in love with brother and sister

My husband and I have always enjoyed cats. We knew wanted to adopt, but we didn't know when, if we wanted a kitten, a senior, etc. Upon recovering from the last part of the flu, I went on the Connecticut Humane Society website. I went to the cat section and two eyes looked right back at me. Her name was Luna, and she was one of the most beautiful cats I had ever seen. I kept scrolling through the cats and noticed Luna had a brother named Casper. Casper immediately stole my heart. I told my husband and we went to see the kitties a few days later. The second we walked into the room, we were in love. Casper greeted us almost immediately. He cuddled on our laps, played with the strings on my hoodie, and pretty soon I was covered in white fur! Luna took some coaxing, but soon after started purring away as we stroked her. My husband and I looked at each other and we knew this was it. We were able to take our two new furry friends home the very same day!

Note: My husband and I could not get over how clean and efficient the CT Humane Society in Waterford was. The rooms each animal was in were immaculate. Volunteers were there to play with the cats and dogs. All the animals there are extremely well cared for!

Kona Loving Life

We adopted Kona from the newington branch around June 1st 2017. I think she is a happy we did.

The staff was not kidding when they said she is full of energy and quite vocal. She is 3 going on 1. It was challenging at 1st, we had to make sure she understood we were not going to leave her. I think she knows that now and that we are in this for the long haul. I think she is really loving life. We still need to figure out a solution for the digging, even the most interactive toys bore her. And then there is the jumping on guests that we still need to master, but for the most part we are happy she has become a part of our home.

Gronk and Olivia

Gronk, formerly "Ace" from the Newington branch. We adopted him at 2 1/2 months- he is now 3! Olivia was adopted about 6 months ago from the Waterford branch and is 8 mo old. They have become best friends and love getting into trouble together!

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