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  • Maize

I rescued Maize (or maybe she rescued me) on October 15, 2016. When I first saw her photo online, it was love at first sight. Her eyes are beautiful and unique! When I met her, she was so sweet and loving and immediately started purring and rubbing all over me. It was like 2 friends being re-united after many years. When I took her home, there was no adjustment period. It was like we knew each other. I am so grateful and pleased to have her in my life!

Best Cat Ever

We adopted Roxie a few days before Christmas last year (2015). Our family hoped that we would get a nice cat, but were aware that she might need some adjustment time to get used to us. She took no time at all! We have never met such a wonderful cat. Roxie loves to sleep and snuggle up next to us. She also loves playing with her toys and eating cat treats. Roxie loves sitting in our bathroom sink and watching tv (as you can see from the picture!) . We are so blessed to have found her at the Newington shelter, and we are so happy to have her in our lives!

My Loving Arabella

Adopt a senior dog. They have so much to offer!

I started volunteering at the adoption desk in Newington in July. I always made a point to know the animals that were available for adoption when I worked. For some reason I closely started following Arabella. She was an 8 year old female pit bull with severe skin allergies. She had been surrendered by her owners and came in with severe ear infections. My initial thought was that it would be difficult to find a family that would be willing to take an older dog, a pit bull and an animal that had ongoing health issues. At one point I thought she had been adopted because she had been removed from our website. However her allergies and ear infections had flared up so she was put in medical. I came back to volunteer a few weeks later and found out she had not been adopted. She had been in the shelter for a number of months at this point and they were looking for a quick foster home for her. Although I had never thought to foster (and I promised my family when I began volunteering that I wouldn't bring anybody home) I immediately volunteered for it. I had an 8 year old Siberian Husky named Luna who I thought needed a buddy to stimulate her. They were introduced and got along incredibly well. Well the foster soon turned into an adoption. Bella is such a great addition to our family. Older dogs come housebroken (usually) are calmer and usually better mannered than younger dogs. Bella is all of these wonderful things and very smart as well. She fell right into the routines of the house and Luna. They became fast friends. She has some challenges due to her skin allergies and ear infections but she has been doing amazing well. A little love goes a long way! As they say, "Who rescued who?"


Our cat Angel.

Well the rest is history!!! Angel has been with me for nearly 4 years and he has adjusted very well.I am disabled and he has made such positive difference in both of our lives!!!

I meet Angel one day 3 years ago @ The Westport branch of the Humane Society. I had stopped in to look @ the pets as I do when I am in the area. That day somehow was different as I had been looking @ the cats and luckily for Angel that I had over heard that he had been returned twice and they were thinking of putting him down!!!Having heard this I went to the desk and said that I wanted to adopt Angel they then spend a good part of an hour talking to me. Then called Louise my better half to confirm that she was on board with this!

I Forgot How Great It Is to Have a Dog

It had been nearly twelve years since we lost our beautiful golden, Bea, and we had been a cats only family since then. Until the day last March when my husband and I both woke up ready to consider a new dog on the same Saturday morning.

We went to the Newington shelter "just to look". As it was later in the day, many lucky critters had already found homes, and we didn't meet any dogs that were just right for us. As we were headed out, we saw another family playing in a room with Parsnip (now Mack). We both immediately knew that he had to come home with us.

The family who was with him was the sixth who had visited with him that day, and I couldn't believe that five people had already walked away from this amazing dog. The sixth family also walked away (I still can't figure out why), and we got our chance to meet him.

There was no question that we would leave him in Newington (or with the name Parsnip) for another night. He came home with us and became an immediate member of the family. He is very high-energy and loves trips to the dog park, learning new tricks, and toys that squeak. It took some time, but he now also loves spending some down time with his feline brother Jethro.

Thank you CHS for our newest family member.

"Babe's" Tale

In September, 2002, my husband and I walked into the Newington branch just to browse... The minute I walked into the dog area, I saw her. This beautiful reddish dog with her tail tucked, her ears down and her eyes lowered... I couldn't move another step. I wanted her. I didn't know what a pit bull was and she was listed as a hound mix... My husband said we were just browsing and he didn't want a pit bull... I slowly left the cage and looked at the other dogs, but my heart was already taken by this beautiful, sad creature. I kept saying that there was something about this dog. My husband said "you don't just pick the first one you see..." I couldn't figure the draw, but I thought, "Why not..." In fact with my faith the way it is, I felt that I didn't even choose her at all. My husband didn't want to take the next steps and we went out to the car. I being in my twenties and used to getting my own way, had a bit of a "tantrum." Of course he gave in and we went back inside. We met with "Babe" and one of the adoption counselors, and filled out the paperwork. I had to go back with my five year old son to make sure that they were a match, but by the end of the day, we walked out with our new furever family member. We changed her name to Ginger because of the richness of her color. Ginger got us through a new baby, 2004, who of course was last in the pack order... This was not a problem, as Ginger was quite the big "sister" although it was clear when I tried to cuddle with or hug my daughter, Ginger would appear in the middle of our connection. She did not know she was a dog and soon she felt like a full fledged family member to us. She climbed trees (yes, climbed trees) and chased bubbles. She supported us through many celebrations and sad times. She helped my two kids and me most recently through a divorce. She lifted our spirits and licked our tears. In October we welcomed in a much smaller fur family member. They were instantly connected and Ginger showed signs of puppy again despite going blind in one eye and deaf. This past May, we had to say goodbye as she took her walk over the rainbow bridge. It was one of the hardest moments only buffered by the fact that we knew she had a long happy life. She made our lives so much fuller. I will be forever grateful to the Newington Humane society for allowing us to adopt this beautiful girl.

Rock and Ro!

I was never really an animal person but I strolled into CHS late September of '15 after I had the afternoon off, to just look around. I didn't know that after an hour and a crazy amount of money spent at the Petco around the corner, that I'd be leaving with a new pal! I picked a very energetic kitten named "Spider Kitty" and brought her into my home. The now named "Ororo" (Marvel hero Storm's birth name. I have a thing for comics), or Ro for short, has become a very special part of my life! Couldn't ask for a better buddy :)

Gave my house life again

Xander (aka Snuggles) has really come out of his shell and brings a smile to our faces constantly.

When we first got Xander, we weren't sure if it was going to work out. He was very shy and it took a long time for him to start trusting us. He then started to become more and more social and is now everywhere we are. Jumping up on my lap and on the bed, responding to his name, playful and very rambunctious. We love him so much and are so happy he is now part of our family.


It's been 8 years and I don't regret a single minute.

When my Samantha died 8 years ago, I never thought that I could ever love another dog again. I remember my husband saying that either I went and found a dog or he was. I cried every day. When I went to Newington, I saw a lot of dogs and I remember thinking well at least I looked. I came upon an empty cage that said "breed experience only". I asked where the dog was and he was outside being walked. When Max came around the corner, he took one look at me and I at him and that was it. He broke loose from the person that had him and tackled me. He gave me so many hugs and kisses...just begging me to take him home. That was 8 years ago. He has been the perfect dog. I'll never regret visiting that day. The person that had him before me has no idea what she gave up. He's 14 years old now. I know there will be a day when he's gone, but he will always have my heart....

Camper to Cooper

Cooper makes a family smile again!

After losing our beloved Sonny back in November, we decided to return to Westport to choose our next family member. We saw several cuties on the website and after meeting Cooper aka Camper we fell in love. He was so excited on the ride home, like he knew he found his forever family. He is such a sweet little guy, he made himself right at home from the moment he stepped into our house. He gets lots and lots of belly rubs, walks, kisses and attention. He has brought so much happiness to the family that was so sad when our Sonny died. Cooper is just perfect for us, and we are pretty sure he knows it!

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