Dog Training Classes

Obedience and training classes are an excellent way to learn more about your newly adopted dog, gain handling and training experience, and improve your relationship with your pet. CHS offers an array of classes geared towards your dog’s skill level and your interests. The most important goal of the program is to encourage you to make regular training a lifetime commitment in order to maintain a strong, healthy relationship with your very best friend.

The Connecticut Humane Society supports reward-based training because dogs learn faster and maintain learned commands better when rewarded for good behavior. Positive training has predictable and reliable results, while also being fun for dogs and owners!

Basic Information:

  1. Classes meet once per week for six weeks. Each session will meet on the same day and at the same time for the length of the class unless otherwise noted.
  2. Classes are small so students get more individualized attention.
  3. Classes are offered during weekday evenings and weekends.
  4. All canines registered for class must be up to date on required vaccinations.
  5. Classes cost $95 for CT Humane canine alumni and $115 for the general public.
    **Exception: Feisty Fido classes are $235 for ALL students.**

All of the training classes offered at CHS are conducted by Pet Education and Therapy, LLC. This company serves as an independent contractor and is owned and operated by Audrey Tucker, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KSA, CMT.

Puppy Kindergarten

This class is ideal for families with new puppies. Puppy Kindergarten classes place an emphasis on socialization while also educating dog owners on preventing unwanted behaviors. Housetraining, puppy mouthing and basic manners are all covered in this introductory course. Learn more and register.

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience places an emphasis on building the attention span and skill level of adolescent and adult dogs. Human students will not only learn how to solve basic problems, but also how to appropriately manage canine behavior. Dogs will have the opportunity to “unlearn” bad behaviors and replace them with good ones. Learn more and register. 

Intermediate Obedience

Regular registration in new classes is the best course of action for dog owners who want to advance the skills of their canine, consider a career in competition, or both. Intermediate Obedience classes help human students develop their skill in controlling their dog from a distance. The class is designed to increase the distraction level throughout the course so that both human and canine students develop the confidence to handle a wide variety of situations. Learn more and register. 

Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience classes are offered for owners looking to challenge themselves and their dog. This class places an emphasis on refining a canine’s ability to follow commands and exercises while off-leash. Varying distractions will be introduced throughout the class to proof the canine student’s ability to perform regardless of the environment or situation. Learn more and register.  

CGC Preparatory Course

Calling all Canine Good Citizens! The Connecticut Humane Society offers a preparatory course that helps prepare dogs and owners for the Canine Good Citizen evaluation. Our organization supports the Canine Good Citizen program because we believe that it is another positive step in preventing canine homelessness. A well-behaved family dog is less likely to be surrendered for adoption due to behavior issues. Upon successful completion of this class, dogs and owners will have the tools they need to enroll in the Canine Good Citizen evaluation test. Learn more and register. 

Agility Obstacle Familiarization

The Agility Obstacle Familiarization course is designed to introduce you and your beloved canine to the apparatus and the concepts involved in the sport of Agility. Participation in this class will also help dogs to build their confidence; a positive personality trait that will serve any dog beyond the world of agility. Learn more and register. 

Agility Foundations 1

Agility Foundations 1 is the next step in your dog’s agility training. This class will focus on flat work which includes sends, pulls, crosses, active side drills, recalls, start line stays and more. These skills are the foundation for getting our dog to properly execute a course. Learn more and register.

Agility Foundations 2

Agility Foundations 2 focuses on combining the flat work from Agility Foundations 1 with the obstacles from Agility Obstacle Familiarization. This will help your dog properly and safely execute a course. Learn more and register.

Agility Fun Runs

Agility Fun Runs is perfect for dogs with boundless energy! The agility equipment will be set up to run through a course and further grow your dog’s agility skills. A trainer will be present to aid in activities and answer any questions. Learn more and register.

Agility Multi-Course Fun Runs

This class is triple your fun! The agility equipment will be set up to run through three different courses and further grow your dog’s agility skills. A trainer will be present to aid in activities and answer any questions. Learn more and register.

Agility Outdoors

Agility Outdoors is 4 weeks long and helps your dog work on a mix of agility obstacles in a realistic yet distracting environment. Possible obstacles covered include: single jump, tunnel, tire, a-frame, double jumps, wobble board, pause table, weave poles, panel jumps, dog walk, broad jumps and chute. Learn more and register.

Novice Rally

You are sure to enjoy Novice Rally. It offers dogs and handlers an experience that is fun and energizing. Teams move at their own pace through a course comprised of 10-20 stations. Stations will have activities that teams must complete before moving on. While perfect heel position is not required, teamwork and communication is encouraged. The main objective of Rally is to train dogs that can behave at home, in public and the presence of other dogs in a manner that is positive at all times and under all conditions. Learn more and register. 

Tricks, Tricks and More Tricks

Are you looking for something to do with your dog that is fun and challenging? Does your dog show an aptitude for learning tricks? Or do you want to refocus some of your dog’s particularly stubborn behaviors into a trick so that he learns that he can only give you paw when you say “HIGH FIVE”? We have the answer, tricks training. Learn more and register.

Feisty Fido

Some dogs are difficult to handle or aggressive on a leash and traditional obedience class settings are more stressful than productive. Feisty Fido classes are the perfect choice for owners faced with these specific challenges. They teach pet parents about leash behavior and help them work through their dog’s feisty behavior when they’re on-the-go! These classes are ideal for reactive and dog-aggressive canines. Learn more and register. 

Freestyle Training

Do you love music? Do you love to dance? Are you looking for a fun and entertaining opportunity to teach your intelligent and active dog a new skill? Then Freestyle Training just might be the perfect fit for you and your music-loving pooch! In Freestyle Training, human and canine students learn how to coordinate movements to create a unique and personalized dance! Learn more and register. 

Novice Nosework

Novice Nosework is designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise. This course is sure to be fun for your dog. It will help build your dog’s confidence and also burn a lot of mental and physical energy. Learn more and register.

Advanced Nosework 

In Advanced Nosework, your dog is introduced to odor detection. The game is changed from hunting for food or toys to learning to identify and search for a target odor. You will focus on building teamwork with your dog by improving your handling skills and your dog’s communication skills when he/she locates the target odor. The class is geared towards tactics, advanced handling and off-leash work. As a team, you and your dog will learn to navigate more intricate and challenging training scenarios. Learn more and register.

Treibball Foundations

Treibball was developed in Germany to help people provide their energetic dogs with additional opportunities for mental and physical stimulation. Dogs competing in this sport use a combination of herding, agility and soccer-like skills to complete the “course.” Treibball is ideal training for any energetic dog who works well off-leash and needs a job, or any dog who likes to herd and doesn’t have sheep! Learn more and register. 

Disc Dog Foundation Skills

Disc Dog Foundation will focus on teaching you and your canine partner the foundations of the sport of disc dog. Dog and handler may learn things like different disc grips and releases, proper throwing technique, drive building, safety considerations for humans and canines, canine foundations (rollers, takes, retrieves, drops), set up moves, freestyle tricks and sequence/routine building, rules of the game, etc. Each team will get individualized training from the instructor based upon their skill level. Learn more and register. 

Sport Sampler

This class combines it all! If you want to have fun with your dog but aren’t sure which sport you’ll enjoy most, take the Sport Sampler class. Each week, you and your dog will be introduced to a new dog sport. Sports introduced include: Rally, Tricks, Nosework, Agility, Triebball and Freestyle. Learn more and register.

Pet Education and Therapy, LLC. also supports dog owners with behavior concerns by offering behavior consultations. Behavior consultations are a fee-based service for the general public facilitated through Pet Education and Therapy, LLC. Behavior services for Connecticut Humane Society pets are free of charge for the first 6 months after adoption and facilitated by the CHS staff. Please see the Behavior Consultation Program page for more information.

Please visit Pet Education and Therapy, LLC.. for a current class schedule and to register for classes. You can also contact Pet Education and Therapy, LLC. by phone at 860-667-2663.

Dog Training Classes

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