Adoption Process

 Adopting your new best friend:
Congratulations, you’ve decided to make your family complete by adopting a pet. 

Are you ready?  
Adoption guidelines. 
Adoption fees and benefits.
After you adopt.  

Are you ready?
It’s easy to fall in love but caring for a pet is a big commitment. Before you visit, we recommend that you make sure you are ready for the changes a pet will bring into your life.  The checklist below will help you prepare. Download a PDF for your convenience or to share with others:

  • Think about why you want a new pet. You will live with your decision for many years. Avoid adopting on impulse or because of family pressure.
  • Evaluate your schedule to see if you have the time to commit to a pet. All pets need basic care, exercise, playtime and love. We recommend that you allow at least 2 hours per day in your schedule for walks, exercise and other basic needs. Some pets may require more time.
  • Evaluate your budget. Over the lifetime of a pet, the cost of ownership can be quite high. We advise adopters to budget at least $1,500 – $2,000 per year for expenses.
  • Consider how you will handle special challenges that will come along. Housebreaking, furniture damage, and medical issues are all common in the lifespan of a pet. Be sure you have the time and money to tackle these issues.
  • Research the pet rules of your living situation. If renting or in a condo/co-op, inquire about size, breed, age, training requirements and pet deposits. Get the policy in writing. If you own, check with your homeowners insurance to find out if they have breed restrictions.
  • Evaluate your current lifestyle. If you’re about to move, enter college or take a new promotion requiring more hours on the job, you may want to wait until you’re more settled.
  • List some of the challenges your living situation presents to be sure your new pet is a good match. For example: a barking terrier may not be a good choice for apartment living.
  • Research pet care options for when you’re traveling. You’ll need to plan to take your new pet along or arrange for care through family and friends, or a boarding kennel or pet-sitting service.
  • Identify how to pet-proof your home. We encourage adopters to keep their pets indoors. Companion animals live longer, have better health and are happier if they can be inside (even at night) with their families.
  • Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations and be an ambassador for responsible pet ownership.  By following rabies, license and leash laws, keeping ID tags on your pet, cleaning up after your pet and practicing spay/neuter (included as a benefit in Connecticut Humane Society adoptions) your actions will encourage others to do the same.

Now that you’re ready to adopt, visit the adoption centers where you will have an opportunity to meet with your potential new companion.  Adoption counselors will help you find the perfect pet for your family. They are here to answer all your questions and review information about the pets’ house training, health, behavior, and grooming needs.  For your convenience, you may download the adoption guidelines the adoption agreement and the adoption questionnaire in advance of your visit. Please do not fax or email these forms. Bring them with you when you come to meet the pets.

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Adoption Guidelines:
In order to make a pet a member of your family, please meet the following guidelines:

  1. Be over the age of 18.
  2. Participate in an adoption interview and complete an adoption questionnaire.
  3. Show a valid driver’s license or state photo ID with your current address.
  4. If adopting a pet that commonly faces restrictions in the community or has special behavioral considerations, you may be asked to provide landlord approval or proof of homeownership. Avoid inconvenience by bringing this paperwork along to the adoption.
  5. Adopting a pet impacts the entire household.  You will be asked to assist with the following as they apply to your situation: a) bring any children living in the home (that are under 18) to meet the pet. b) bring any other family members living in the home to meet the pet. c) bring your existing family dog to meet the pet.
  6. We do not authorize giving pets as gifts.  The person who will be the owner of the new pet must be present and complete the adoption process. (Gift certificates are available for those who want to give the gift of adoption.)
  7. Read, sign and abide by a legal adoption agreement.

The entire adoption process can be time consuming and may include more than one visit to the adoption centers.  This is time well spent when you consider that your new pet will live with you for many years.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation in the joyful process of bringing pets and people together.

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After You Adopt: 
The Connecticut Humane Society is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership.  Your new pet is counting on you for care and love for their entire life. Give careful consideration to the commitment you are about to make to your new pet.

  • Please allow your new pet at least 30 days to adjust to your home and family. Drastic changes to a pet’s life will impact their behavior. With time and patience, they will settle and overcome the shock and change.
  • Please make an appointment for your new pet within 14 days of adoption. We encourage developing a proactive relationship with your family veterinarian.
  • Please work on training your dog. Even if they know some commands, training is part of the bonding process. Click here to download a training manual.
  • Please keep your pet in mind if you need to move.  There are many pet-friendly housing options available. When moving, allow yourself plenty of time to find a pet-friendly option so your companion can go along.
  • If the adoption does not work out despite your best efforts, please contact the society for assistance. 

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