Adoption Benefits and Fees

Adoption Benefits 

Adopting a Connecticut Humane Society pet is a wonderful opportunity to save a life, while adding a new member to your family. The counselors will help you find your perfect new family member, based on your lifestyle and the size, age, breed and temperament of a pet which will most successfully meet your expectations.

Adoption Fees:
When you adopt a pet from the Connecticut Humane Society you are not only providing your new best friend with a forever home; your adoption fee will help pay for a portion of the medical, behavioral and shelter care your pet received at CHS.

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 Canines: Felines:
 Puppies up to 6 months: $445 Kittens up to 6 months: $300
 Dogs 7-12 months old: $275       Cats 7-12 months old: $200
 Dogs 1-7 years old: $150 Cats 1-7 years old: $140
 Senior Dogs over 8 years old: $100   Cats over 8 years old: $80    
 Birds: Small Animals:
 Finches: $5 Hamsters/Mice/Rats: $10
 Doves: $15 Guinea Pigs: $25
 Parakeets: $15      Rabbits: $35
 Lovebirds (in pairs): $50 pair Ferrets: $70
 Cockatiels: $40 Chinchillas: $100
 Exotic Types: Market  

Special Adoption Incentive Programs
Project Purrfect: $50 discount off the adoption fee for cats between 1 and 7 years old which have been available for adoption for 30 days or longer. Cannot be combined with any other adoption discount programs.

Senior Citizen Discount: $20 discount off the adoption fee for a dog or cat between 1 and 7 years old for qualified adopters over 65 years of age.  Cannot be combined with any other adoption discount programs. This discount does not apply to the adoption of puppies, kittens, adolescents, seniors, small animals or birds.

Benefits of adopting from the Connecticut Humane Society:

Basic benefits for feline/canine adoptions:

  • Consultation with an adoption counselor to help you select the best companion for your lifestyle
  • Spay/neuter
  • Flea/tick treatment and deworming
  • Basic vaccinations including rabies vaccination for dogs/cats over 3 months old
  • Temporary ID tags
  • Pet care information
  • Medical evaluation and treatment of illnesses/injuries during the pet’s stay in the shelters
  • When necessary, pets receive extensive medical treatment
  • Microchip implant, registration, and tag. More Information
  • Cat and dog adopters are eligible for a FREE 30-day pet insurance policy.  Some restrictions apply. More Information

Dog adoptions also include:

  • Bordetella vaccination
  • Heartworm testing (if 6 months or older)
  • Collar and leash
  • Temperament evaluation for adoption suitability (if 6 months or older)
  • Behavioral support for canines and their new families
  • Discounted rate on obedience classes offered at the Connecticut Humane Society

Cat adoptions also include:

  • Testing for feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline AIDS (FIV)
  • Stretch collar
  • Cardboard carrier

Average cost of similar services at a for-profit facility:
Collar/Leash: $20
Starter bag of food: $20
Basic veterinary exam: $63
Basic vaccinations: $85
Diagnostics for common canine/feline diseases: $67
Flea/tick treatment: $20
Deworming: $22
Microchip implant/registration: $80
Spay/neuter: dogs - $400, cats - $265

Total:  Dogs - $777, Cats - $642

Value of adopting a Connecticut Humane Society pet: PRICELESS



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