Microchip and Insurance Benefit Information

The Connecticut Humane Society supports and promotes responsible pet ownership. The following adoption benefits are offered to clients to help keep pets at home and in good health.

Microchip Services
All cats and dogs receive a 24PetWatch microchip prior to adoption.  For more information about this service visit: 24PetWatch.com

Important information about microchips:

  1. Only about 14% of lost dogs and 4% of lost cats are reunited with their families. A microchip is another method of ID and links your pet back to you and increases your chances of reuniting with your pet if they are lost.
  2. It is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted by a veterinarian or trained medical professional. 
  3. Registration of 24PetWatch chips is free from the Connecticut Humane Society for the lifetime of the pet.
  4. If your pet goes missing, call 24PetWatch at 1-866-597-2424 and choose the “lost pet” option.  Your contact information will be confirmed for accuracy.  When your pet is found and identified, you will be connected with the rescuer to be reunited with your pet.

Pet Health Insurance
Cat and dog adopters are eligible to receive a complimentary 30-day 24PetWatch Gift Insurance Policy. In order to receive this insurance, adopters must provide their email address as part of the adoption process.  For more information about this service visit: 24PetWatch.com

Important Insurance Information:

  1. You will receive the 30 day gift upon adoption of the pet.
  2. Coverage begins at 12:01 am the second day after activation.  Activation is usually the date of adoption.
  3. The gift insurance policy is for 30 days only and will expire automatically unless you choose to continue or upgrade the coverage.
  4. The following health problems are covered:

        Foreign body ingestion removal
        Motor vehicle accident
        Bone fractures
        Insect bites/stings
        Defined poison ingestion
        Ear illnesses
        Eye illnesses

    Infectious Diseases:
        Intestinal parasites
        Urinary tract infections
        Upper respiratory tract infections
        Parvovirus/Feline Panleukopenia
        Tick borne diseases
        Heartworm disease
        Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  5. Maximum coverage amount is $750 per policy
  6. Deductible is $75 per policy
  7. Illnesses that were symptomatic, noted or treated prior to the coverage effective date (the date of adoption) are not covered.
  8. Your veterinary bill will need to be paid by you.  24PetWatch Insurance will reimburse you directly if your claim is accepted.
  9. You can extend your policy within 72 hours of adoption to one of these two options:
    a. 24PetWatch Insurance for Renters Gift – 30 days of rental property coverage for damages caused by the adopted pet.
    b. 24PetWatch Insurance 45-day Gift – extend coverage to 45 days.
  10. You can upgrade your policy within 10 days of the date of adoption and apply an $8.95 credit towards another 24PetWatch Insurance policy.



Microchip and Insurance Benefit Information

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