Monthly Volunteer Spotlight

Honoring Waterford Volunteer, Terri Bateman

Terri Bateman’s house has been home sweet (foster) home over the past 10 years for Connecticut Humane Society pets at the Waterford Pet Wellness and Adoption Center who’ve needed some extra TLC. And with a decade under her belt, the tally of foster pets she’s helped has climbed into the hundreds!

But her foster experience didn’t start with animals. While she has a great love for all things furry and four-legged, she also has a passion for helping children and has fostered youngsters until she was able to adopt them.

And it’s a pattern that’s continued with pets. Terri recently fostered two mother dogs and their puppies—and the two mama dogs moved in permanently once their babies found new homes!

Over the years, Terri’s juggled everything from bottle-feeding kittens, keeping pregnant dogs comfortable, and reporting back to the Waterford staff on everyone’s eating, behavior and even bathroom habits, all while working a job with the State of Connecticut.

Now that she’s recently retired, she has more time to devote to her fosters. Good thing, because she’s been known to have multiple guests at once, and to say, “Sure, no problem,” to 911 emergency pleas for orphan animals in need or helping out at CHS Waterford.

To CHS staff and volunteers, she’s known as a devoted and supportive member of the foster team. And to her “special babies,” she’s known simply as “Mom.”

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