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Honoring Newington Volunteer, Lori Kendrick  

Pets in need hit the jackpot when Lori Kendrick and her family signed on as a foster home in 2015. And it’s a win that’s paid infinite dividends to puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, bunnies and even rats who’ve called her “Mom” before moving on to their permanent homes.

Lori has loved animals since “cat” and “dog” entered her vocabulary as a tiny tot. Her pets have always come from shelters or been found as strays, so volunteering with animals wherever she lived was a given.

She racked up years of experience with furry friends as a volunteer for the SPCA in California, employee of Petsmart, participant in agility competitions with her dog, and dog agility judge with the United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA). On top of that, she and her registered therapy dog brought brighter days to patients at a hospital.

When she moved to Connecticut, CHS’ Newington Pet Wellness and Adoption Center was calling her name. What was she waiting for?! Well, there was one hang-up: Her family and school commitments prevented her from volunteering at CHS.

Fostering pets in her own home was a solution for Lori and a lifesaving gift for CHS pets in need—those who need to recover from medical treatment, aren’t old enough to be adopted yet, or who need some extra TLC while learning to trust people again.

Fostering works around her family’s schedule, too. In fact, one of the things Lori enjoys most about fostering is having the whole family involved. Her children love helping with their temporary fur-siblings and regaling their friends with stories and photos of their latest four-legged guests.

Since getting involved as a CHS foster, Lori has had foster pets in her home almost continuously. And after realizing what great companions rats can be, Lori and her family adopted three from the litter of eight they’d been fostering. (Snow White, Sneezy and Happy are now living out a fairy-tale ending with the Kendricks.) Lori’s willing to pitch in whenever she is needed, no matter the species—she’s a hot commodity in the foster department!

In addition to the new rat pack, Lori’s family has three dogs and a guinea pig to keep them busy and entertained. Although it can be hard to say goodbye when it’s time for a foster to leave the nest, Lori says the upside is having some time to spend just on her family and fur-kids. Plus, seeing pictures of former fosters in their new homes makes it all worth it.

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