Monthly Volunteer Spotlight

Honoring Waterford Volunteer Don Parkhurst Jr.

It was a springtime day in April 2015 when Don Parkhurst Jr. decided on the spur of the moment to visit the Waterford Pet Wellness and Adoption Center of the Connecticut Humane Society. Little did he know that visit would turn into something so much bigger.

An avid animal enthusiast with a can-do attitude and a thirst for knowledge, Don had taken online courses to learn more about pet-sitting, shelter working and veterinary care. But his true desire was to work hands-on with animals. So when he left CHS that day, he knew just what to do: He filled out an application to become a volunteer dog walker and joined the volunteer team in Waterford.

Don was a natural with the pups and quickly learned the unique needs of dogs who are living in a new environment that, while safe and nurturing, just isn’t home. He understood how to work with the shy ones, and the sassy ones, and the ones with larger-than-life personalities. And so he got special training to work with the dogs needing some extra attention and patience. In fact, he’s taken such an interest in helping dogs in need, that he then completed even more training at CHS to work with dogs on commands and special tricks.

A musician by profession, Don can be found at CHS every Saturday walking and working with dogs awaiting new homes. After his shift, he treats himself to a strawberry shake and some French fries! (Dogs and delicious snacks—can Saturdays get any better than that?)

Next up: maybe bringing his guitar and treating the dogs to a song or two!

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