Monthly Volunteer Spotlight

Honoring Westport Volunteer, Ashley Darnley

Celebrations are a regular thing around the Connecticut Humane Society (adoptions and medical recoveries are at the top of the list). But CHS doesn’t just celebrate pet success. Volunteers’ special life moments are big news, too, because they’re part of the CHS family!

And Westport cat cuddler Ashley Darnley has some celebrating to do this month.

She first joined the CHS volunteer crew because when she moved from Brazil to Connecticut, her two beloved cats had to stay behind with her mother-in-law. But Ashley needed to get her fill of purrs and paws and thought she could help cats in need at the same time. She fit right in with the Westport team, and after hearing her story, staff members asked about her cats regularly.

Finally, the announcement everyone had been anticipating came: Her cats from Brazil safely arrived in their new Connecticut home! Chief and Coper are now United States “Catizens.”

The cats and kittens she’s cared for at CHS are so grateful Ashley’s love for her furry family members led her to the cat condo room, where she’s given so many deserving pets her time and attention. One of her feline favorites in Westport was Cat Stevens, who gave the best hugs to volunteers before deciding to give them only to his new dad. Another is Kitty, who is still head-butting away at the pet adoption center, hoping for a forever mom as nice as the volunteers she meets every day. Ashley loves watching the cats go home, even though she will miss their purrs and cuddles.

While cats are one of Ashley’s passions, she does important work in her 9-5, too, but with people! She assists refugees, helping them find jobs and build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

As you might have gathered, she’s quite the traveler. She originally hails from Santa Cruz, California, but has called a lot of spots home. Because home, of course, is where your cats are. 

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