Monthly Volunteer Spotlight

Honoring Waterford Volunteer, Maureen Loughrey

Peanut needed a friend. Her cat-siblings in her previous home hadn’t accepted her, and so she arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society feeling down-in-the-dumps, lonely and shy.

Enter volunteer Maureen Loughrey. The 9-year-old cat is now purring, rolling over and relishing the attention people are giving her, all because Maureen has been her friend.

Maureen has volunteered as a cat cuddler at the Waterford Pet Wellness and Adoption Center since 2014 and has two cats of her own at home. An advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) by trade, she had decided to concentrate her efforts on healing the emotional needs of cats, as well as humans.

Maureen’s calming nature makes her a favorite of the Waterford kitties. In fact, she’s so skilled in socializing fearful felines that she graduated to CHS’ Fur Squad, which is a specially trained group of volunteers who work with feisty, nervous or under-socialized cats.

She’s had many successful students, including Peanut. Maureen has been coming to CHS almost daily to spend quality time with Peanut, gaining her trust and building her confidence at the same time. Once Peanut sees Maureen, she becomes a different cat--more animated and clearly happy to see her. Peanut is even more social with Maureen than most staff members.

Maureen’s dedication and devotion to the special kitties at Waterford has changed countless pets’ lives.

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