Monthly Volunteer Spotlight

Honoring Newington Volunteer, Susan Katz

Don’t let her last name fool you: Susan Katz is a dog lover through and through!

She’s been volunteering to make kennel living a little more comfortable for the homeless canines at CHS’ Pet Wellness and Adoption Center in Newington for nearly 15 years. Fittingly, Susan was even named after a dog—her mom’s childhood Irish setter, Suzy—and she currently shares her home with her own Irish setter, Ari.

As a member of the volunteer dog-walking team, Susan takes time out of her schedule each week to walk, exercise and play with pups during their stay at CHS. She prides herself on making sure each dog has a clean blanket to curl up on for a nap, a toy (or two…or three or four) to play with, and a yummy treat. Hearing the squeaks from toys as pooches play is pure joy to Susan.

Her favorite part of the “job”? Arriving each week to see that many pups she previously worked with have found their families and gone on to their new homes. As if that wasn’t satisfying enough, she’s even had the good fortune of running into some of the dogs with their new families when they’re out and about. People are pleasantly surprised when they hear her ask, “Is your pup from CHS? Yeah, I’ve walked your dog!”

Susan recently expanded her contributions to pets in need by joining CHS’ team of volunteer dog trainers. She now works an additional shift weekly teaching basic manners to help dogs become even better future family members.

CHS staff members who work with Susan have come to rely on her to make sure each dog receives special attention and cuddles. No wonder she earned the Wagging Tail Award at this year’s volunteer party and awards ceremony! Her kindness and cheer have touched thousands of animals over the past 15 years. And though she’s not changing her last name to Dogz, the canines still count her as one of their best friends.

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