Lost Pets Action Page

Have you lost your pet?
Please follow the steps below toward being reunited with your pet:

  • Act fast. The sooner you begin your search, the better the chances of finding your pet.
  • Contact the Animal Control Officer (ACO) at your local police department, as well as ACO offices in the surrounding towns to see if your pet has been turned in or reported as seen.
  • Check back with ACO regularly regarding your pet. ACO's are only required to hold stray dogs for 7 days past the time they advertise the pet. After that time the dog can be adopted or euthanized.
  • Place ads in local papers, and websites such as  www.connecticutcatslostandfound.org or "Lost and Found Dogs of Connecticut" on Facebook, under the “lost” section. These postings are free. You may also want to consider offering a reward.
  • Watch the “found” ads in your local paper and respond to any ad that matches your pet’s description.
  • Post “Lost Pet” flyers with your pet’s picture and your contact information up in your neighborhood.
  • If you use any social media like Facebook or Twitter, post a picture of your pet and contact information.
  • Let your local veterinarians and groomers know that your pet is lost in case they receive a call.
  • If your pet has been microchipped, make sure the company has all your current information and fill out any lost pet reports available.

Visit our Found Pets search engine below. Please also visit the adoptable pets page. If you see a pet that matches the description of your lost pet in either of those areas, contact the Connecticut Humane Society at 800-452-0114 and we will assist you to determine if the pet belongs to you. If you do not see your pet in our found pets listing below or on the adoptable pets page, visit the community submitted found listings. If your pet is not listed in any of these areas, please post a photo, pet description and your contact information here


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