A Dog is a Kid's Best Friend

Many of us fondly remember growing up with our favorite beat friend, the family dog.  Canines bring so much fun and joy to our lives but they also add lots of responsibility. The tips below are designed to help you and your family make a dog adoption decision that will last a lifetime.

Do your research.
It is never easy to give up a pet. Avoid saying goodbye to your best friend simply because you can’t give him enough exercise.  Find out in advance about the type of care different breeds of dog need to be happy and healthy.

Be prepared.
Get the supplies you’ll need and set up Fido’s space before he comes home. This will make the first week much easier. Make sure you have bowls, food, bedding, a crate, toys, leash and collar. Then be ready to supplement if necessary.

Go to the veterinarian.
Your new dog will need vaccinations, a health check and more.  Even if you’ve adopted your pet from a humane society that provides medical care for the animals, you need to have a family veterinarian.

Be socially responsible.
In Connecticut, your dog must be licensed with the town and vaccinated for rabies.  Also, most cities have leash laws. Set a good example for all your friends and neighbors by following the rules.

Prevent pet homelessness.
The very best way to solve this problem is to practice spay/neuter.  Prevent unwanted pets from being born and you will save lives. Spay or neuter your dog.

Love, love, love.
Dogs are very social pets. Their favorite time of the day is when they get to be with you. Make sure you give them as much attention in the years to come as you do the week you bring Fido home.

Don’t ignore problems.
No pet is perfect, but they CAN become great members of society with a little work. Behavior problems are easier to solve when they start than a year later. Make sure you take your new dog to training classes so he can learn how to be a star.

Training never ends. Training doesn’t stop when you walk out the school door or when you receive your basic obedience certificate. Dogs need constant reminders to keep them on their toes. Make training a part of your daily routine. Fido will thank you.

A Dog is a Kid's Best Friend

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