Back to School

Summer vacation is always fun for kids and their furry friends.  How many friends do you have who would say “no” to playing together all day?

Daily routines are different in the summer than during the school year. Pets quickly get used to having their young friends at home and all that extra outside time. Back-to-school turns this full-time fun back to part-time companionship.  This can be hard on pets. It is up to us to help them adjust.

To start, think about keeping some basic things in your pet’s daily routine the same all year long. Feeding time, bathroom time and dog-walk/exercise time should all remain constant throughout the year.  If your pet never knows when he’s going to get his next meal or when he’ll be able to go out for potty, he will start to develop behavior problems.

  • Next, before the beginning of the school year, think about how you and your family will help your pets cope with back-to-school. Pets that get to join in the school routine will be less confused and more secure when left home alone during the day.
  • Begin your school time routine before school starts so pets get used to the change while you are still at home to give them comfort.
  • Make sure to give your pet plenty of exercise and playtime in the afternoon when you get home.  This will relieve their pent up energy.
  • Think about including your pet in your afterschool activities. Your dog might enjoy picking you up at school or waiting with your parent at the bus stop.
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of toys to help them enjoy their time alone.
  • Give your pet one of your t-shirts to cuddle.  They’ll be comforted by your smell.

If these steps are not enough, consider taking your pet back to school too! Training classes are a great way to bond with your pet and help him learn new things. CHS offers several types of dog training classes designed to help pets become perfect companions. 

***Parents, don’t forget to join with your children in easing the transition from summer to “back to school” for your pets.  It takes a family working together to keep a pet happy, healthy and sound!***

Back to School

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