Be Kind to Animals Week

 “Be Kind to Animals” week is celebrated each year during the first week in May. It is a great opportunity to celebrate our love of animals and remember the importance of kindness, compassion and empathy for our furry, feathered and finned friends. Being kind to animals includes taking good care of your own pets and also treating your neighbor’s pets and local wildlife humanely.

Here are some things you can do to show your “kindness” to the animals you may see every day.
Companion pets:

  • Let your pets live inside with you.
  • Make sure your pets have enough food and water…every day!
  • Give your pets the right shelter, both inside and when it’s time to go out too.
  • Train your pets to be the best they can be.
  • Give your pets plenty of exercise.
  • Spend time playing with your pet…and then snuggle when it’s quiet time.
  • When your pet makes a mistake, be patient. Pets learn best from positive experiences…just like you.
  • When your pet gets sick, take them to the veterinarian.
  • Make sure your pet goes for their annual veterinary visit.
  • Be kind to your neighbor’s pets. If they get loose, get help.
  • If your neighbor needs help with their pet, offer to lend a hand.
  • If you see someone hurting a neighborhood pet, get help from your parents.
  • Offer to pet sit, dog walk, and feed your neighbor’s pets when they go away.


  • Plant a garden; insects, crawlers and small creatures will thrive in your yard.
  • Hang a birdfeeder for the birds in your yard.
  • Hang some birdhouses so songbirds will have a place to build their nests.
  • Put a birdbath in your yard so feathered friends will have extra water.
  • Keep your garbage cans secure and pick up trash in your yard.
  • Use organic lawn treatments to protect the wildlife…and your own pets too.
  • Don’t use pesticides.
  • Enjoy wildlife from a distance; never try to touch wild animals.
  • Make sure your dog is safely contained in your yard and can’t get out to chase the wildlife.
  • If you see wildlife that is hurt, get help from your parents.

Want to help animals on a bigger scale? Support a local animal welfare organization or charity that helps wild animals. Consider organizing a supply drive, bake sale, car wash, or lemonade stand to benefit your favorite animal charity. Spread awareness about the cause by sharing literature about your favorite cause with friends, family, neighbors and in school. Your thoughtfulness and generosity will be greatly appreciated by the organization and you will also encourage others to spread kindness towards animals in need.

Practicing these kind acts will be appreciated by animals everywhere. Remember, being kind to animals should happen all year long!



Be Kind to Animals Week

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