Cats as Companions

Did you know that almost 60% of the pets available for adoption at the Connecticut Humane Society are cats?  This is because more cats than dogs end up in shelters.  Many states allow cats to roam freely outside making it possible for them to travel away from their home and get lost. Cats are also less likely to have ID collars, so they can be mistaken for strays. Roaming cats that aren’t spayed or neutered also create lots of litters of kittens. 

We recommend that cats be kept indoors and that you always practice spay/neuter. Cats that live inside make better companions for you can live longer. Cats make great pets!

  • Cats usually require less time and money for basic care than dogs.
  • Cats don’t need to be walked and can usually groom themselves.
  • With sufficient food and water supply, healthy cats can be left alone in your home for a couple of days when you are away.
  • Cats litter box train very quickly making waste care a fairly easy routine.
  • Cats don’t require large amounts of space for exercise provided you give them plenty of playtime.
  • Cats are usually quieter than dogs.
  • Cats can live for over 15 years providing a lifetime of companionship.
  • Many cats are very social and will easily give you as much love as a dog.
  • Petting a cat can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and just make you feel good.

If you are thinking about getting a new feline friend, visit any one of the shelters. CHS has dozens of cats, both young and adult, who will make your family complete.

Do you already have a cat of your own? Let him or her know that they are appreciated and loved.  Consider giving them the items below:

Home-Made Cat Toys

Balls of Tin-Foil - are light-weight and are easy to bat around. Their shiny appearance and crinkly noise are attractive to cats.

Cat Nip Toys - Stuff a sock with cat nip, tie it off with a knot and add a bell. Make sure there are no loose ends or objects that can fall off and be swallowed. (Some cats don’t respond well to cat nip. Don’t give this toy to your cat if he or she gets aggressive or sick from interacting with cat nip.)

Ribbon Tails - Cut a long, thin piece of fabric or find a ribbon. Tie it to a stick and whirl it around an open area. Your cat will love the chase!

Health and Hygiene Items

Toothbrush and Toothpaste - Keep your cat’s breath smelling fresh and their teeth healthy by brushing regularly. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for cats.

A hairbrush designed for cats – Bristles on these types of brushes can penetrate thick fur and feel. These brushes also help remove shedding hair and can prevent mats.

Styptic Powder – This helps stop the bleeding if you accidentally cut your cat’s nails too short. Dip the cut nail into a tablespoon of this powder to quickly stop the bleeding.

Simple Luxuries

A very fluffy and comfortable bed (home-made or store bought) or blanket of their very own.  Place this on the back of a couch to invite them to rest or place it next to a heating vent where many cats love to rest.

A cat condo or special cat tree for indoors. Cats love to climb. An indoor “jungle gym” is a great way to help your cat get in a good climb while keeping them off your furniture.
An outdoor enclosure (for cat’s who want some outside time) - Examples include a screened off sunroom or patio, or a screened extension to a window that provides extra room for a cat to bask in the sun (make sure this device is secure so that kitty will not fall out of the window).



Cats as Companions

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