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If you have found a pet and are trying to help it find it's way home, please post the following information at the link below:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • A full description of the pet including any special identifying characteristics like eye color and markings.
  • Information about where and when you found the pet.  

Please be as detailed as you can. Any piece of information, no matter how small, may help reunite this pet with its owners.

Please upload a picture. Images should be 72 dpi and no larger than 300 pixels x 300 pixels.

In order to ensure that your content will go through, please make sure to click Newington, Waterford or Westport in the segmentation menu and click the "Populate IPTC Data" button when you upload your picture. If you do not take these steps, your posting and picture will not appear on our website.

If you have lost your pet, please view the community submitted lost pet listings below.

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black and white cat found!
Melissa 5163223112

Black with white paws and a white chest
Green eyes
Missing a patch of hair on its back. Very friendly!
Has a collar, but no tags!

Contact: or 516-322-3112


Tan/light orange tabby cat found
Lauren 860-490-7976

This kitty has been hanging out around our house since about 7/1/2018 (Hawk's Landing area of Southington). He/she is pretty skittish and won't let us get too close, but we have been giving him food and water. We believe he belongs to someone and would love to help get him home to his family.

Contact: or 860-490-7976


Found cat
Cynthia Leander 8609301138

Adult tuxedo cat.
I only see it in the early evening, hiding under my shed. I am unable to approach the cat as it scurries under the shed when it sees me.

Contact: or 860-930-1138


Found cat
Dawn Blackwell 203-525-7757 203-525-7757

Gray female. Extremely friendly. Found in Colony Brook mobile home park Meriden. Gypsy Lane and Old Colony Rd

Contact: or 203-525-7757 or 203-525-7757


Found cat in Bloomfield near Gillette Ridge
Thom 860-803-1397

Very friendly small buff tiger cat found near Gillette Ridge golf course in Bloomfield. Cat has a gray Bond & Co collar.  Cat is an intact male who has come to visit us two nights in a row.

Contact: or 860-803-1397.


Cat Found


Found this cat, details in picture. She's definitely owned by someone!

Contact: 860-442-5115


Saw possible lost cat

Saw all white, fluffy (but not long haired) cat running into the bushes on my way back from Trader Joe's on Campo Road in Westport. Could have been a stray but looked like a pet.



Brown Pitt Bull or Boxer found in South End of Hartford
Dan Karas (860) 712-7180

  • Front Image
  • Bulldog? Pitbull?

Brown Pitt Bull or Boxer found in South End of Hartford. Has white stripe running from neck down to stomach and has white feet and a blue collar with no identification tags. Anxious around other dogs, very quiet and well behaved.

Contact: or (860) 712-7180.


found black cat in rocky hill
charlie & Erika

Extremely friendly young neutered male. Very vocal, found with tick collar on May 23 at 7p.m., all jet black.



Found Cat
Tyler D


Found cat, 1070 New Haven Ave, Milford CT in hallway. Call or text with description if yours. She seems to have had a home - very loving.

Contact: 860-689-7078


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