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If you have found a pet and are trying to help it find it's way home, please post the following information at the link below:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • A full description of the pet including any special identifying characteristics like eye color and markings.
  • Information about where and when you found the pet.  

Please be as detailed as you can. Any piece of information, no matter how small, may help reunite this pet with its owners.

Please upload a picture. Images should be 72 dpi and no larger than 300 pixels x 300 pixels.

In order to ensure that your content will go through, please make sure to click Newington, Waterford or Westport in the segmentation menu and click the "Populate IPTC Data" button when you upload your picture. If you do not take these steps, your posting and picture will not appear on our website.

If you have lost your pet, please view the community submitted lost pet listings below.

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Found Ginger Tabby

Found this little cutie!
- Ginger Tabby
- 6 to 7 month
- 8lb
- male

Very friendly, cuddly and kind.

Neighbors told me they seen him around the neighborhood for the last few weeks.

Working together with animal control. He has no chip, was today at the humane society Newington.

I assume he snuck out to find a lady friend, did anyone loose him?




Found cat


Found a female tuxedo cat near Mill Woods in Wethersfield.

Looking for its family. Very sweet cat.

Contact: 860-614-9007


Found female black cat with white chest patch in New Haven

A few days ago we found a female black, domestic short-haired cat with a white chest patch in our neighborhood. She is very friendly and sociable, and really likes being around people. She is unspayed. She is polydactyl.



A lost or dumped cat?

860-287- 9838

Lovely kitty. Think female. Longish hair. Tabby. Green eyes, white toes and white chest. Very friendly.

Contact: 860-287-9838 

Found: Small Pomeranian


Found at 8:30 a.m. on Front Street in New Haven, small Pomeranian dog, sandy-colored.

Contact: 203-675-9225


Found Cat
Kristina Wayne


Stray cat found in the Little Brook Drive area of Newington. The cat has yellow eyes, a very light-colored nose, and is gray and black tiger on the top of his or her body. The cat's underside, cheeks, chin and nose bridge are white. Tips of paws are white also. Tail is tiger striped.

Contact: 774-230-7290 or


Found Cockatiel

Found Thurs. April 6 in New London.

White-grey male cat found in Avon


White and Gray male cat found March 23 in Avon on Tamara Rd
Friendly. Is he yours? Please call 860-673-4000

Katherine Jurgens 607-972-8208 (NY CELL but I live in Hamden, CT)

Have just had a small Tortoiseshell Persian approach me out of nowhere. Very very friendly. Vocal. Exceptionally sweet. Very matted. Looks to have been lost or abandoned.

We are in Hamden, up near Paradise Avenue. Please contact asap. We already have two 17 year old and one 18 year old kidney cats. We can't keep her.

Martha greenwood


Small beagle looking dog with light brown and white markings. Bit overweight. Would not come to me but walked slowly away. Last seen dog was walking up Diamond Glen Farmington CT

10:30 am Sunday, March 5, 2017

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