March - National Nutrition Month

It’s National Nutrition Month, are you doing anything to celebrate? Are your teachers planning anything at school? Are you planning anything for your pets?

With all the hype about eating right and staying healthy, it’s easy to get caught up in our own needs and overlook our pets. Feeding the right amount and type of food to your pet is important for growth and development. Proper nutrition also promotes a long, healthy life. Just like us, our furry friends need a well- balanced diet in order to look and feel their best. But unlike us, pets don’t know the difference between healthy food and junk food. They need us to make the choice for them.

Pets’ nutritional needs are different from ours, but the basic idea for eating right is the same for people and pets. Keep everything in moderation with a proper balance of meals and treats. It is recommended that treats should not exceed more than 5% of your pet’s daily food intake. At mealtime, pets have different eating styles; some like to graze while others like to eat their meal all at once. It is best to have a routine and give measured amounts of food so that you are aware of how much your pet is eating. This makes it easier to notice if your pet has a drastic change in eating habits, like loss of appetite. It also makes it possible to help your pet avoid overeating and obesity.

Being healthy doesn’t only mean eating right; it also means maintaining an active lifestyle. It’s important to plan for the exercise needs of your pet. Make sure you schedule regular outdoor activities that will include your dog. Are you tired of the same dog walking routine day in and day out? Try some of these things while walking or jogging with your dog (make sure it’s okay with your parents first):

  • Skipping for the distance between telephone poles.
  • Sprinting for half a minute every few minutes.
  • Running backwards for short intervals.
  • Shuffle sideways, then change direction.

Cats are not suited for enjoying the activities above but still need playtime and exercise to keep their instincts sharp. Spending time figuring out what motivates your cat is the best way to find out what type of activity she loves. Does your cat like to chase or fetch a ball? Try throwing the ball up the stairs so that she has to run up and down to get it. Is your cat a prowler? Maybe she would enjoy “hunting” for her food – try hiding some kibble around an area where she hangs out.

Whatever you do, make it fun! Your pets will thank you. The result will not only be better physical health for your pet but will also improve the relationship you have with your pet.


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March - National Nutrition Month

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