Happy Anniversary Volunteers, 2017

April 23-29 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Each April the Connecticut Humane Society takes time to reflect on the accomplishments of our team of volunteers.

In 2016 volunteers logged over 23,000 hours of service! From cuddling the animals, to representing the Connecticut Humane Society in the community, to fostering pets in their own homes, volunteers assisted in almost every capacity of the organization. CHS' new team of biological risk management volunteers has been especially helpful with keeping the three adoption centers spic and span and disease-free! 

We are also very thankful to those volunteers who continue to assist us, year after year. The volunteers listed below have been dedicated to helping CHS achieve its mission for over 5 years.

Volunteers with Over 40 Years of Service: 

William Haines

Volunteers with Over 25 Years of Service:

Peter Spano

Volunteers with over 20 years of service:

Lorrie Duff
Christopher White

Volunteers with 15-20 Years of Service:

Ana Dobbs
Greg Marsdale
Sandra Molodetz
Max Parker
Dawn Pelletier
Mabel Plecity
Jo Ann Roberts
Diane Swan

Volunteers with 10-15 Years of Service:

Debra Abraham
Wilfredo Barrios, DVM
Richard Brewster
Janet Burton
Cristin Marr Carey
Debra Carr
Cheryl Chmielewski
Rebecca Costello
Jeff & Sue Cote
Dee Dee Czelazewicz
Gretchen Dale
Rose Ann Dandurand
Linda Darico
Rachel DePaolo
Peggy Eno
Janet Fox
Cynthia Gardner
LuAnn Giunta
Susan Katz
Andrea Kenyon
Diane Labedzki
Maria Lovello
Doris Mitchell
Jean Molodetz
Linda Newton
Linda Panikowski
Carol Proulx
Ellen Sharon
Jodi Shulman
Melissa Smey
Frank Spera
Rebecca Stilphen
Debbie Stobo
Joyce Trull
Leslie White

Volunteers with 5-10 Years of Service: 

Debbi Bacharach
Terri Bateman
Stephanie Bernstein
Amy Bourgoin
Michelle Brown
Gail Brownstein
Deborah Cappa-Kotulski
Ragen Carpentieri
Joann Carrasquillo
Cheryl Carriero
Jean Caruso
Seth Cerone
Ronalene Chapman
Eileen Cook
Mary Crotty
Rich Farr
Anna Flynn
Judy Flynn
Pamela Francis-Stack
Sue Fulleton
Kelly Gaerner
Susan Galli
Laurie Giacomazzi
Shea Gillan
Tracy Gionfriddo
Allison Glenn
Marcia Goodman
Stephan Henrichson
Peter Hood 
Suzanne Jacques
Linda Joebchen
Marilyn Jones
Celina Kelleher
Holly Klein
Jennifer Kowalczyk
Rich Kragel
Sarah Laub
Donna Lawry-Wilkman
Keith Lindstrom 
Doris Lipetz
Mary Beth Lukowski
Kerry Lurate
Ray Malec
Paul & Ellen Mangiafico
Francesca McIntyre
Norma Miller
Sharon & Abigail Murray
Earline Nicholson
Emily Noonan
Steve Parker
Michelle Pelkey
Lucille Pollani
Cindy Potter
Nancy Potter
Patty Ricci-Chervin
Jennifer Roark
Colleen Roberts
Marcie Shepard
Lori Snow
Samantha Stewart
Terry Troy
Christina Weaver
John Withington
Jane Zuckerman 

Happy Anniversary Volunteers, 2017

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