Junior Finds a Home


Imagine how difficult it would be for both pet and owner to have to say goodbye after 15 years of companionship and good times. That is just what happened to Junior when his family had to move and weren’t allowed to take him along. It is a devastating scenario that we see often enough.

Senior pets like Junior (let’s just call them set in their ways) are generally more of a challenge. How would he adapt to a temporary stay in the shelter? How is his health? How does he behave in everyday circumstances or when stressed? Would we find problems that could be just too much to ask of any new person looking for a companion to manage?

In Junior’s case, he was doing sort of OK. His initial medical examination showed that he was healthy for a cat his age. Bloodwork suggested that he might be showing early stages of kidney disease, but certainly this was no reason not to proceed with adoption. Actually, our staff was thrilled to learn that he was healthy as they proceeded to find out how to make him comfortable in the shelter.

For Junior, life in the shelter was a bit overwhelming. He became withdrawn and understandably depressed even as our staff and volunteers worked so hard to help him overcome his fears and stress.

One special person who dedicated herself to helping Junior regain his confidence was Connecticut Humane Society Stewardship Manager, Kerry Garofano. Every time she worked at the Waterford shelter, she made it a point to visit with Junior and give him lots of love. It wasn’t long before he had stolen Kerry’s heart.

Despite having few adopters asking to meet him, was it possible that Junior may have found his new family? Yes, it was! Kerry and her husband adopted this sweet boy a month after he came to Waterford. Everyone was overjoyed to see him find a home.

Since being adopted, he has broken out of his shell and he is thriving! And guess what? His favorite game is chasing the laser pointer. It looks like Junior may not be such a senior cat after all. He just may have found the “fountain of youth!”


Junior Finds a Home

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