A Chance of a Lifetime

Chance is a fun dog. He’s good natured and easy to be around. He’s the type of guy who quickly becomes a favorite wherever he goes. At ten years old, he is (graciously) greying around the muzzle and walks more slowly than when he was younger. Late last year, he was found wandering the streets by one of our Southern shelter partners. They noticed that he had a lump on his shoulder and some kind of skin irritation. They knew that the medical team at the Connecticut Humane Society could treat whatever had gone awry. So he came north for a fresh start.

When he arrived, the CHS staff in our medical center immediately sensed that the soulful look in Chance’s eyes was really a worried look. He was wondering if we were “friend or foe?” In spite of his great manners that showed somehow he had been taught social graces, Chance flinched at even the slightest movement of a person’s arm. Clearly, despite knowing how to behave around humans, something in his past suggested he had experienced the other extreme of human emotion.

As the medical staff worked with Chance, they found that in addition to the lump on his shoulder, he had a serious skin problem. His was uncomfortable and spent his hours licking the irritation in an attempt to soothe the inflammation. His treatment plan included surgery to remove the lump on his shoulder, a special diet to eliminate food allergies and medication to treat his skin.

Despite all of this medical upheaval and learning that a raised hand was not to be feared, Chance clearly showed a zest for life. A thrill went through him every time his handlers took him out for a walk. He enjoyed the outdoors so much that he would dawdle just like a child to prolong the fun. He also made friends with some of his fellow adoptees and would suggest to his human walker that he wanted to visit with his shelter buddies. Staff and volunteers alike fell in love with this handsome gentleman.

Once Chance was available for adoption, it seemed like an eternity before a couple seemed interested in Chance. Their children were grown and their home felt empty. They were looking for a companion for leisurely walks and occasional games of fetch. One minute with Chance and the rest, as they say, was history!

It’s the generosity of a community of loving donors, adopters, shelter partners, staff and volunteers that make saving pets like Chance our privilege. Together, we are healing their wounds and giving them a full future.

A Chance of a Lifetime

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