Patches Learns to Trust Again

When Patches arrived at CHS in Newington, it was clear that he had experienced cruelty and neglect at the hands of people.

Patches is an 8-year-old terrier mix that was found running free as a young dog. The people who found Patches as a stray kept him tied behind their house, alone and afraid, for almost six years. Something happens to dogs when they are restrained around the clock. They forget how to play, how to trust and, sadly, how to be loved by people.

Patches owners surrendered him to the Connecticut Humane Society for adoption when they realized they could no longer afford his care. When he arrived, Patches was filthy and afraid. His fur was matted and he was unsure of the people he met at the shelter. He was traumatized after his first bath and grooming.

However, by the end of his first week at the Society, Patches found comfort in the rhythm of the shelter. He saw familiar, smiling faces each day and began to warm to the staff and volunteers. The kindness he found in the medical center soothed what was most damaged – his trust in people.

Throughout his stay at the Connecticut Humane Society, Patches got everything he needed to begin life anew: a haircut, lots of yummy food, an indoor place to lay his head and, most importantly, lots of love.

Within three weeks of arriving, Patches found a new family that was committed to continuing with his rehabilitation and education – one that was eager to give him the attention he needed so he could learn how to trust people again and be a part of a loving family.

Patches Learns to Trust Again

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