New mom Lady Bug finds her forever family

Lady Bug was a stray when Animal Control found her wandering, hungry and pregnant.

Thankfully, one of our out-of-state rescue partners provided refuge for her until her pups were born and arranged a dog transport to the Connecticut Humane Society. 

Upon arrival at our location in Newington, the medical team performed a quick assessment. The puppies were small, but relatively healthy; they would be ready for adoption in no time!

Lady Bug, however, was pregnant again and, a few weeks later, gave birth to 12 puppies. She wearily nursed her pups, and the medical team supplemented the feedings with nutrient rich milk.

In time, the puppies were sent to foster care and the staff went about the work of helping Lady Bug get well. Everyone at the shelter participated in her recuperation, providing lots of TLC.

Volunteers took her for extra walks. Staff let her nap in their offices. Fosters took turns loving her.

It took weeks, but Lady Bug's eyes finally brightened and her strength returned.  Soon she would know the comfort of home and experience the love that would make her tail wag.

“Soon” happened almost right away. Two days after Lady Bug was made available for adoption, she found her forever after.


New mom Lady Bug finds her forever family

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