Simba the Wrestler

Named for “Simba” after the Disney lion king of the Pride Lands, Simba’s giant kitten meow and his love for wrestling with his littermates certainly made him king of the litter. It was on one particular day of rough play that Simba’s face got slashed just below his left eye. Apparently, Simba’s sister has quite a left hook.

The family who owned these kittens had health issues of their own preventing them from keeping the litter. They were on their way to surrender the kittens for adoption at CHS, and so pointed out the facial wound as they turned the kits over. One of the staff members wondered if his name should have been Scar (another Disney character from the same movie who loved to fight and had the scars to prove it.)

Simba was going to need help. He needed surgery on his left lower eyelid to repair the damage done during the full body wrestling match with his sister. Surgery went well and he began to feel better. Of course this meant that he became pretty active and also rather annoyed that he had stitches in his eyelid. Despite preventative measures taken by the staff to protect the wound, Simba had to undergo another procedure to re-suture the area. Thankfully, this was just what he needed and recovery happened quickly.

All through his stay in the medical department, he remained cheery, playful and always ready for fun. He managed to win the hearts of many a staff person and volunteer.

By the end of July, he was finally ready to go home! And just in time for the national “Clear the Shelters” adoption event spearheaded by NBC! On a very warm July 23rd, Simba found the family of his dreams and true friends for life!

Simba the Wrestler

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