Halo's Epic Journey

It was a cold day in March when Wolcott Animal Control responded to a call about a dog in distress. What they discovered was shocking. The 5-year-old pit bull named Halo was living outside in cold and horrible conditions. To make the dog's misery worse, he was clearly suffering from serious and untreated medical problems. After some negotiations, the Animal Control Officer, "convinced" the owner that it was in Halo's (and his) best interests to sign custody over immediately,

Halo's relief began with a warm bath to wash away the caked on mud, a yummy and wholesome dinner to fill his empty belly, and a warm, dry and soft bed indoors; far away from the cold, damp mud he used to sleep on. Halo instantly won over the hearts of those who helped him with his wet kisses and love of belly rubs, but his medical ailments needed immediate attention which had his rescuers worried.

Halo's next stop was to the vet's office where after a complete examination, the full extent of his neglect was discovered. Halo was diagnosed with a double hernia, heartworm disease, roundworms, Lyme disease and he was blind in one eye. The double hernia was going to be complicated, requiring specialized surgery. With all of his medical problems stacking up, Wolcott was simply not going to be able to pay for treatment.

But all was not lost. That was when the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) stepped in to help Halo. Through CHS' Medical Intervention Program, the full array of skills and talents come to bear for those animals that municipal pounds cannot help.

For Halo, the first order of business was to treat his heartworm and Lyme diseases. Then we went for a long stay in a CHS foster home. In May, Halo returned to CHS and underwent surgery for his double hernia. After a few days in recovery he returned to his foster home for recuperation and more tender loving care before heading back to CHS to complete his heartworm treatment.

Today, although now blind in both eyes, Halo spends his time lounging on the grass, taking long walks and going paddle boarding with his mom. In case you haven't guessed, his new mom was his foster mom. She just fell in love with Halo.

How interesting that this neglected dog's name would be just how his mom sees him now, an angel who she loves and who lover her.

Halo's Epic Journey

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