Coldie Locks, a Medical Win

For a tiny kitten on a busy big-city street in the middle of a snowstorm, “right place, right time” doesn’t seem an apt descriptor. But it certainly rang true for little Coldie Locks last winter.

The five-month-old stray had wandered into the road and was nearly hit by a truck. She soon caught the eye of a passerby, but was skittish, scared and a fast runner—until she scampered into a snowbank that proved too deep for her petite stature. As Coldie sunk into the snow pile, the Good Samaritan scooped her up before wrapping her in towels, and bringing her home for the night.

The tiny fur ball’s rescuer was rewarded with some contented purring, but she knew she couldn’t take on another pet permanently.

The next day, Coldie began what would become a lengthy journey to a fairytale ending. She visited a vet who determined she had conjunctivitis (pink eye, just like people get) and prescribed some ointment.

Hoping to give Coldie a chance at a forever home, the Good Samaritan brought the feline to the Connecticut Humane Society. It was clear more was going on beyond a couple pink peepers, but staff knew turning their backs was not an option.

An initial examination in the Newington shelter’s in-house medical center uncovered multiple problems – paws frozen with frostbite, dehydration, an upper respiratory infection, malnutrition, constipation and eyelid agenesis (meaning Coldie’s upper eyelids were malformed from birth).

While most of the conditions could be solved fairly quickly, the eyelid issue meant a long (and expensive) road to recovery. Thanks to donations from supporters like you, she was given a chance.

Coldie needed surgery, but this type of operation generally can’t be performed until an animal has finished growing. For months before her rescue, Coldie’s eyes were constantly irritated and sore, and she had difficulty seeing. After her rescue, eye drops and other non-surgical treatment helped her to feel better. But it didn’t entirely erase the symptoms.  And, given her challenges and slight sight impairment, Coldie was pretty scared of people, loud noises, surprises and just about anything that didn’t seem normal and safe.

Luckily, a village of people, from staff to foster volunteers, were behind this little lady and made sure she had a safe haven while undergoing treatment and multiple surgeries. This September, after nearly seven months at the Connecticut Humane Society, Coldie Locks found her happily-ever-after with an amazing family that will give her the stability, love and care she’ll need for the rest of her life.

This kind of love story is only possible because of the generosity and selflessness of donors, staff, volunteers and the Good Samaritan who took immediate action to prevent a disaster.

Coldie Locks, a Medical Win

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