Tanner's Journey Home

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  That was the attitude Tanner adopted when he found himself homeless for a second time in as many months.

Tanner lived a happy life from puppyhood to adulthood with his loving family. But unfortunately for everyone, a landlord’s decision to no longer allow pets left Tanner’s household with a tough choice. His family determined the best option was to try and find Tanner a permanent home where he could continue living happily.

When he arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society’s shelter in Newington, it was clear he’d been well cared for. He was happy and social. But everyone has their quirks—Tanner loved snacks a little too much and was so enthusiastic when greeting new friends that he needed a home with people who could tolerate his zeal. A large dog like Tanner could be a bit lively around youngsters, so a family with teens and adults would be best.

Within a couple weeks, he attracted the attention of someone eager for a new friend. Everything checked out, so home he went. But it wasn’t a love match. After a few days, the new owner called to say she could no longer keep Tanner because she couldn’t train him. He was too energetic and difficult to manage. This left Tanner fans scratching their heads, since all had gone well in the interview process. What went wrong? Ultimately, Tanner returned to the Connecticut Humane Society to try again.

The stars must have aligned. A previous adopter was looking for a new furry family member, and her Connecticut Humane Society alumnus, Jake, was happy and ready for a canine buddy. So the day after Tanner returned, he was put on hold to meet his potential new family.

It didn’t take long for Tanner to fall in love with Jake and his new humans. The feeling was mutual. Now Tanner spends his days enjoying tug-o-war games and time outside in the fresh air with his new BFF and family—and it was all worth the wait.


Tanner's Journey Home

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