Animal Control Saves a Life

It was hard to tell how long Fiona had been a dog of the streets when New Haven Animal Control picked her up. No one knows how long she trolled the city streets, but one thing is certain: she was overjoyed to have a roof over her head and food and water filling her dishes.

This was only the first stop in her journey home, however. Her next stop was at the Connecticut Humane Society’s Newington shelter, thanks to the charity’s partnership with local animal control officers.

The partnership began several years ago and helps pets that may not have an easy time finding forever. Sometimes municipal shelters don’t have enough community visibility to generate much attention to their kennels, and other times, an animal needs medical treatment to become more adoptable. If they stay in municipal shelters, this often means languishing while waiting for love.

Fiona became an alumnus of this partnership initiative. After having no luck at New Haven Animal Control in her search for a family, she came to Newington where the increased foot traffic alone would give her a better chance. When she arrived, it became pretty clear she had a wariness about her and difficulty trusting. She also got overly excited anytime her cage door opened, indicating she needed extra exercise and human interaction.

She got her wish. With help from Connecticut Humane Society volunteers who help staff give all dogs good walks and playtime twice daily, Fiona got the attention she was craving. On many days, dogs known to be extremely energetic get extra time outside to play and learn new tricks. Fiona even got some special perks. Because she was so unhappy in her kennel, she also spent many days enjoying the company of some of her favorite people in the Newington shelter’s office.

The extra exercise, socialization and training did the trick. Fiona became happier and well-adjusted. By the time a month had elapsed, her improved outlook on life caught the eye of someone who had recently lost their pet and was looking for love. She had lots of experience with large, energetic dogs and didn’t bat an eye when told that Fiona was going to need plenty of exercise.

It is clear that these two fell in love. What could be better than that?

Animal Control Saves a Life

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