From Surviving to Thriving

Everything surrounding the two baby bunnies seemed hopeless. On the farm in Massachusetts where they spent their infancy this summer, food and water were scarce. Animals living on the property had passed away, and others showed severe signs of neglect.

But in the largest-ever farm animal cruelty discovery in the Northeast, White Bunny and Brown Baby Bunny were saved, along with more than 1,000 other rabbits, goats, cows, sheep, horses, dogs and cats found on the 70-acre tract. The rescue, coordinated by police and the ASPCA, spanned weeks and filtered into animal welfare organizations across multiple states.

The Connecticut Humane Society stepped up as a partner, welcoming the two rabbits and 13 others at the end of August. CHS frequently assists municipal and private shelters across Connecticut with medical treatment and adoptions for their homeless animals, but the type and size made this rabbit rescue unique. And a bit challenging.

Having been born into deplorable conditions out of state, all of the rabbits needed medical care from in-house CHS veterinary staff, and it was hard to estimate ages for some. Others needed foster care because they were so young. As they were assessed, the pets were divided among the three CHS shelters for temporary lodging.

White Bunny and Brown Baby Bunny, housed in the Waterford shelter, needed basic medical attention (not to mention adoptive families with a flair for clever pet names) and monitoring for some sneezing and sniffles. Brown Baby Bunny, the younger of the two, also spent a month in foster care.

Both were made available by mid-October, and, clearly a perfect pair with their matching names, went home together to a rabbit-savvy household. They’re finally in a home where they’re not just surviving, but thriving.

From Surviving to Thriving

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