Spirited Maize Inspires Adopter

Maize and her family were out of options.

When they arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society’s Westport shelter one afternoon this autumn, they had just lost their house. And everyone—people and pets—had begun living together in the family car. Heartbreaking as it was to say goodbye, it was best to find Maize and her fellow feline Fred a new home.

CHS took in the two cats and immediately assessed their medical needs. Considered a senior at 10 years old, peach-colored Maize was in dire need of tooth tune-up. In-house CHS veterinarians diagnosed her with dental disease, finding she needed tooth extractions and a good cleaning. She took a ride to the Newington shelter for treatment with the veterinary team and the next leg of her journey.

Once Maize received the all-clear from the medical department, all seemed better…that is, until she decided she wanted her own space. “Tiny-house” living in shelter quarters was evidently not for her. This independent, strong-willed gal was tense and stressed when in smaller spaces, hissing and loudly voicing her displeasure to anyone who’d listen. With a free-roaming room open in Westport, Maize went back to the shoreline to wait for a new family.

She didn’t wait long. Maize blossomed in her own room and now welcomed attention, offering head butts and nose nudges to admirers. A fan of felines visiting the shelter was open to finding a new friend and appreciated Maize’s uncrushable spirit. They went home together, and Maize settled in. Turns out, she knew where she needed to be to shine—and find her forever after.

Spirited Maize Inspires Adopter

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