Ginger Bounces Back

“That little orange ball right there. Could it be…? No, no way,” the landscape worker wondered on a warm September afternoon at a job site in East Hartford. A closer peek showed that yes, indeed, that was a teeny tiny kitten in a pile of leaves, sticks and grass. And the little one was completely alone. Where his mother and possible littermates had gone was a mystery.

Lucky for little Ginger, the Good Samaritan brought him to the Connecticut Humane Society’s Newington wellness center. At just a week old, he was 7 ounces, able to fit in the palm of your hand, and desperately in need of more than just food and a warm bed. Ginger needed close medical monitoring and a foster home that could stick to frequent bottle feedings (and even sacrifice a little sleep for the nighttime ones) to make sure he would grow healthy and strong. Off to a foster home he went.

Later during a vet check-up, the medical team discovered Ginger had an optical condition that required his eye to be removed. Up until that point, he’d been a bit shy, likely because of his limited vision. But he was still growing into an energetic, active boy who was friendly with his foster family’s Labrador and loved playing.

When he was big enough, his eye was surgically removed (requiring him to wear the most adorable protective cone you ever did see), and he was on the road to recovery. And finally, a little over two months after arriving at the shelter, he was ready to find a family.

His days of resting in a staff member’s hand as he adjusted to the big world around him were long gone. He proved to be a miniature comedian, bouncing around his temporary home in the cat condo room and sneaking up on toy balls. Ginger was a before-and-after poster child if there ever was one.

Every visitor who witnessed his antics admired his spunk and ability to adapt to having only one eye. But he immediately caught the attention of one couple who’d been searching for a companion for their cat, Penelope, and they welcomed him home in November.

As they wrote in their note to staff, Ginger—renamed Jack Sparrow—and his new parents had a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. At the top of the list was calling this little orange fur ball a member of their family. 

Ginger Bounces Back

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