Dog Safety & Bite Prevention for Children

The Safety PAWtrol: Dog Safety & Dog Bite Prevention for Children

Description: Dogs are an important part of many people's lives! And knowing the right and wrong ways to interact with them is key. It is especially vital for children to learn how to act around dogs because, let's face it: dog bites happen. But here's the good news. Many bites are preventable with a little education. This classroom program will provide the tools needed to be safe around dogs, including how to understand dog body language; how to safely approach, greet, and interact with friendly dogs; and what to do when approached by an unfamiliar dog. Access to an on-site computer/projector is required. A program fee of $50.00 or equivalent of in-kind donations is requested for this service. CHS representatives are not able to bring a live animal on visits but do bring visual aids and props.

Age: 5 - 11 (kindergarten - 5th grade)
Capacity: 5 - 35 students
Length of program: 30 - 60 minutes

Availability: weekdays

Objectives: Students will:

  • Learn that communication is different between people and dogs, but both instances elicit similar feelings, like joy, love, fear, anger, and anxiety.
  • Learn how dogs use their eyes, ears, tail, fur, mouth, body position, and vocalizations to communicate how they feel.
  • Learn how dogs show signs of being happy, relaxed, stressed, fearful, or angry, and how that determines the way they should behave around the dog.
  • Learn how to approach, greet, and interact with a familiar dog.
  • Learn how to respond when approached by a loose (stray) dog.
  • Learn what to do if they are attacked by a dog.

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