Roadside Rescue Saves a (love) Bug

Blunt trauma. They’re two words you hope to never see on a pet’s medical chart. 

But that was the phrase scribbled on Bug’s paperwork at the Connecticut Humane Society.

The ginger-colored kitten deserved to be spending afternoons in a loving home playing with jingle balls and falling asleep on a soft blanket he would declare his new favorite. Instead, he had been thrown from a moving car at just four months old.

He tumbled to the side of the road, alone and traumatized, cars zooming past. A Good Samaritan who’d witnessed the unspeakable act scooped him up and rushed to CHS’ Pet Wellness and Adoption Center in Waterford. The little guy was tiny and underweight for his age. There was no way of knowing the full extent of his injuries. But there was still a light in his eyes and a love he showed to everyone around him.

Named Bug for his affectionate love-bug personality, this little kitten was packed into a tiny pet carrier with a couple of blankets and a lot of hope and faith and rushed to Newington for more extensive and immediate veterinary care.

The medical team sprang into action when Bug arrived. Soon, “labored breathing,” “dehydration,” “coughing” and “ear mites” were added to “blunt trauma,” and an x-ray showed his lungs were bruised. Doctors prescribed medication, close monitoring and an extra dose of love and attention. Tests showed Bug also had scarring on his lungs, likely from having pneumonia earlier in life.

Day by day, Bug’s breathing and coughing improved, and he certainly had a healthy appetite. At last, cheerful notes were added to his chart: “Happy, playful, sweet boy. Eating well, very active.” Soon enough, this spunky boy was able to go into a foster home to continue recovering and get plenty of playtime and hugs. He was still a frequent visitor of Newington’s wellness center for check-ups and x-rays. By the time he fully healed, he was practically old friends with every member of the vet team!

His story was a lot different from many pets coming through CHS doors, but he quickly found a new mom who saw beyond that. Thanks to caring donors, dedicated staff and volunteers along the way, and a great new family, Bug’s chart was finally completed with one more word: Adopted.  

Roadside Rescue Saves a (love) Bug

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