A Tail of Two Brothers

The cats were a unique pair when they arrived at the intake desk: One, a friendly Maine Coon mix, 15 years young and nearly 22 pounds. And the other, a timid and scared 4-year-old who was almost a third of his big brother’s size.

Sully and Gilbert had gotten passed between relatives about a year ago, and the current owner’s health and landlord concerns meant the cats needed to find a new family. Though they’d come to the Connecticut Humane Society’s Pet Wellness and Adoption Center in Newington together, staff determined they wouldn’t necessarily have to go home as a pair—they were friendly with each other, but also independent enough that going solo would suit them just fine.

And so they each went on to the medical department for a once-over. Gilbert had some mild dental issues, but his bigger challenge was shyness—hiding under a blanket made him feel safe and secure as he adjusted to his surroundings and new people friends.

Meanwhile, the vet team noted that Sully was overweight, even for his large breed. He sure did enjoy his breakfast…and dinner…and small snacks (that it was diet food made no difference to his taste buds!). Though he was a senior boy, Sully still had a lot of love to give in his golden years. And he didn’t have many special requirements for his future home—only that it included someone who could lift him!

Both Gilbert and Sully became available for adoption around the same time and were listed individually. Soon, a little girl named Emily came with a family member to look specifically for an older gent who might not draw as much attention as a kitten, although she was open to a youngster as well.

Emily was smitten with Sully as soon as she met him. But when she heard he’d come in with a brother, she had to meet Gilbert, too. And the quiet little guy even allowed for some cuddles and hugs. He’d found someone who could coax him out of his shell to reveal his sweet side. Emily decided then and there she wanted the two brothers who came in together to stay together.

That day, Emily left with a double dose of purrs, and the two furry siblings left with a new best friend. Gilbert even got a new and improved name out of the deal—he now goes by Silly Gilly!

A Tail of Two Brothers

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