Visiting CHS Speaker - Pre-Teen/Teen Groups

Description: Does your group want to learn more about the Connecticut Humane Society? Are you interested in learning about how your group can make a difference for pets in need? Request a speaker to visit your group for a presentation about how CHS plays a vital role in providing animal welfare services for the people and pets of Connecticut. This program is a great alternative for groups that aren’t able to visit one of CHS’ three locations for a tour. Group discussion is encouraged through the use of critical-thinking questions. Access to an on-site computer/projector is required. A donation of $50 or equivalent of in-kind donations is requested for this service. This presentation is especially helpful for student groups that are thinking of organizing a fundraiser or collection drive to benefit animals. CHS representatives are not able to bring a live animal on visits.

Age: 12-18 (6th-12th grade)
Capacity: 10-35 students
Length: 30-60 minutes

Availability: Weekdays, early evenings and weekends. Presentations will be scheduled based on the availability of CHS’ trained volunteer representatives.

Please contact us 1-2 weeks in advance of when you'd like to schedule your visiting speaker. 

Objectives: Learn about:

  • The types of pets available at CHS for adoption and where they come from.
  • Why an owner might have to relinquish a pet and what considerations should be made before acquiring a pet.
  • The services CHS provides to help prevent pet relinquishment.
  • How CHS partners with municipal animal control officers to help injured, stray, neglected and abused animals.
  • How you can prevent your own pets from becoming stray.
  • The signs of animal abuse and neglect and who to call if abuse is suspected.
  • How CHS is working to prevent pet overpopulation. 
  • The lifesaving medical and behavioral services that are provided for pets in CHS’ care, and tips for keeping personal pets healthy and happy.
  • CHS’ adoption program.
  • How YOUR group members can be heroes for animals by organizing a fundraiser or collection drive to benefit pets in need.

Click here to schedule this program for your group.

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