Pets and Caring Kids

Pets and Caring Kids (PaCK) 

Description: Pets are a ton of fun, but they also take a lot of work! This engaging program explores what different types of pets need to be happy and healthy and how these needs compare with our own. Students will understand that pet owners are responsible for meeting the needs of those pets who depend on us. This program will cover general pet care as well as teach children how to interact with and properly handle pets. A program fee of $50.00 or equivalent of in-kind donations is requested for this service. CHS representatives are not able to bring a live animal on visits but do bring visual aids and props.

Age: 5-8 (kindergarten-2nd grade)
Capacity: 5-35 students
Length of Program: 30-60 minutes

Availability: Weekdays

Objectives: Students will:

  • Learn the concept of basic needs of living things, specifically pets.
  • Compare their basic needs to those of pets.
  • Learn that different pets require different supplies, but all pets need love, care, and time.
  • Learn how to properly handle and interact with pets.
  • Learn that pets have feelings.
  • Develop and demonstrate empathy. 

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