Murphy's 15 Minutes of Fame

The mics were in place. Producers stood at the ready. And before you knew it, it was lights, camera, action. This was Murphy’s big moment.

As the Pet of the Week star on Fox 61’s morning news show, it was his time to shine and showcase his potential as a great family pet. The Shih Tzu was a natural charmer, with his endearing under-bite, small stature, and exuberant attitude. But he had a potential problem. He was missing one eye—would that make people think twice about adopting him?

Murphy’s story started a few months ago when he was found roaming alone outside on a cold fall night by a local animal control officer. His eye was noticeably irritated and painful. While it didn’t affect this cheerful boy’s mood, the ACO knew medical attention was necessary and brought him to the Connecticut Humane Society.

The veterinary team at CHS’ Newington Pet Wellness and Adoption Center examined the 4-year-old, determining that the problematic peeper had to be removed. But first, Murphy had to fight off an upper respiratory infection before he would be well enough for delicate eye surgery.

For a little more than a month, the little ball of fluff was a mainstay in the medical department, with staff and volunteers nursing him through coughs, sneezes and sniffles, and later giving him some special post-surgery TLC. Despite the poking and prodding, Murphy remained friendly and good-natured through it all. And by the time he recovered, an even peppier, more playful Murphy emerged. With his incision healed up, it was time to find a new, loving family.

This little guy’s uncrushable spirit deserved the spotlight, and so began Murphy’s stint as a celebrity in the TV studio. On that Tuesday morning, the cameras captured a one-eyed pooch who wasn’t about to let limited vision block his path toward a happily-ever-after.

As luck, or maybe fate, would have it, a viewer who didn’t typically watch Pet of the Week segments happened to be home and tuned in. She recognized a kindred spirit. Two eyes, one eye, no eyes—what Murphy looked like didn’t matter to her at all. She got in her car right away so she could meet the spunky pooch as soon as he arrived back in Newington.

It didn’t take long for Murphy’s mom to make the adoption official. Murphy went to his new home before his 15 minutes of fame had even expired!

Murphy's 15 Minutes of Fame

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