Tulah Learns Love is Worth the Wait

Perched upon her tippy toes, front paws resting on the counter, Tulah gazed longingly as visitors walked through the Connecticut Humane Society’s door. Day in and day out, she looked for attention from everyone who passed by the front desk, hoping they’d want her as the newest member of their family, or at least sneak her a biscuit from the cookie jar she could not reach. 

The 6-year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix was the perfect greeter at CHS’ Westport Pet Wellness and Adoption Center: well-behaved, mature and oh, so sweet. Staff and volunteers knew she was special from the moment she arrived.

One of CHS’ partnering municipal animal control officers brought her to CHS Westport after finding her outside, lost and scared. But now, “even amid all the hubbub, she cheerfully wiggled everything she could wiggle at all of us as we walked by. And she never changed: She never met a person she didn't like, and a lap she didn't want to sit in!” recalled one of her caregivers in Westport.

Tulah spent some time with the CHS medical team for her spay surgery, vaccinations and treatment for an intestinal infection caused by internal parasites, and after recovery, was deemed a healthy, happy girl.

Tulah became a bright spot in everyone’s day. She had her energy spurts during doggie playdates outside in the playpen, but was also content to “help out” at the front desk (though her definition of “helping” occasionally meant taking a nap). She was clearly a good candidate for the role of “couch potato” at a new family’s home and, despite her 63-pound frame, so wanted to be a lapdog. While she’d appreciate a nice walk or hike, she probably wasn’t going to be the dog crossing road race finish lines with her future human.

She was a mild-mannered, low-key canine who could blossom even more as a family dog and would enjoy the company of kids. And she had mastered multiple commands, like “sit” and “down” and even began working on “go find it.” Though her human friends at CHS knew Tulah would make a loving and loyal companion, her breed type got in the way of her finding a perfect match. And so she continued waiting to see who might walk through CHS’ front door.

Until one day in December. A local resident came looking to adopt and was hoping for an adult pooch with short fur and medium or high energy. Tulah fit the bill. Her smile and warmth sealed the deal, and they headed home.

Her new dad says Tulah has mastered the role of cuddly lapdog. And these days, when she’s waiting by the door, she knows exactly who is going to greet her.  

Tulah Learns Love is Worth the Wait

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