Gizmo Still Mattered

The snow piles lining the sidewalk were wide and high, almost completely camouflaging the little white dog as he wandered down the path alone. The sun was setting and the wind had picked up, but Gizmo had nowhere warm to spend the night, no family members to cuddle him, and no cozy bed that would cradle his tiny body.

The Shih Tzu was on his own for another night out in the bone-chilling cold. He’s not sure why he ended up on the streets, just that he no longer had a home. Now his paws hurt from salt sprinkled on the ground after a recent snowstorm. And his tummy rumbled, hungry for dinner or a snack.

At 9 years old, Gizmo moved slower than before. His ears hurt, and he ached all over. Still, this senior had so much love to give. Left to fend for himself, he wondered what he had done wrong.

Thankfully, an animal control officer soon spotted him and scooped him up, giving him a warm bed and good food. It was a nice change from the blustery cold outside, but it wasn’t home. 

Sensing the pooch was a senior who needed not just some TLC, but medical treatment, too, the ACO brought Gizmo to the Connecticut Humane Society in Westport for the next leg of his journey. Gizmo remained a sweet boy as he met CHS staff and volunteers, and even as he sat in the examining room for checks of those painful ears.

His medical chart quickly filled up with notes: He had ear infections, a benign mass on his neck, some dental problems, dry eye and a hernia. Suddenly, Gizmo’s schedule was booked up! He was going to be busy with a total dental work-up, surgery and applications of ear and eye ointment, and, of course, lots of love and affection. Support from generous donors meant the medical treatment Gizmo needed was waiting for him.

Not only did the weeks of comfort and care with CHS staff and volunteers heal up his aches and pains, they mended his broken heart. Gizmo returned to his happy-go-lucky self and was ready for a home that would see beyond his age.

When he was medically cleared for adoption, that’s exactly what he found with a family who wanted to give a second chance to a senior. These days, Gizmo can be found playing with his toys, snoozing in his bed, or hanging out with the kids—and enjoying his golden years to the fullest.

Gizmo Still Mattered

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