Puppy Love Takes Over Hartford

Hartford’s Legislative Office Building turned into a hub of paws and laws Feb. 6 when a trio of Connecticut Humane Society puppies descended on the seat of Government for a visit as the new legislative session kicked off.

Over 150 legislators and staff members were treated to breakfast with a side of barks, yips and tail wags as they began their week (what a way to start a Monday!) and learned about recent CHS initiatives. While the event gave guests some “puppy therapy” before diving into the nitty gritty of budget numbers and bill proposals, it also allowed CHS to connect with delegates who may later be involved in animal-related legislation.

Beagle mixes Tabitha, Gloria and Ashley served as perfect canine representatives of CHS, hugging new friends, entertaining the group during playtime, and even falling asleep in the arms of guests who had the magic touch. Squeals and baby-talk in the LOB’s second-floor alcove were guaranteed to drown out any yeas and nays occurring in nearby rooms.

The cuddly canines used their chief negotiating skills—puppy dog eyes, baby yawns and big sighs—to unite representatives from all sides of the aisle to the table and melt the hearts of even the most focused and serious-minded legislators. But Tabitha proved to be the charmer of the group—a staffer fell in love with her on the spot and committed that morning to adopting her.

Legislators who weren’t in a place to welcome a new family member home still had a chance to acquire something valuable: a vaccination clinic day or a humane education program from CHS for their district. State Senator Timothy D. Larson, D-East Hartford, won the humane education program in a raffle, while Representative William A. Petit Jr., R-Plainville, won the vaccination clinic.

Once raffles were pulled, puppies were napping, and representatives were off to begin the day’s work, there was just one order of business left: completing Tabitha’s adoption for her new home.

Ashley and Gloria went home later that week with families of their own, too—and likely impressed them with their newfound insight on Connecticut politics!

Puppy Love Takes Over Hartford

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