Lucky Sue: The Name Finally Fits

Lucky Sue sat still as a statue. She didn’t utter a single bark or whimper. It was as if she didn’t want to be noticed that first day when she arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society.

But staff and volunteers couldn’t take their eyes off her, and they especially couldn’t ignore the look of fear on that sweet, furry face. They practically tip-toed around her and made sure to speak softly, hoping gentle voices and slow movements would help her relax as she waited to step on a scale and then an examining table for her first check-up by a CHS veterinarian.

No one was sure of Lucky Sue’s past, but all signs pointed to a rough life--one that had made the all-black Labrador mix wish she was invisible.

She was on a path toward a brighter future, but, man, this path felt miles and miles long. She’d been in animal shelters for months, starting when she arrived at a municipal pound in June down south. Later, she entered a private rescue group nearby, but when Hurricane Matthew hit, she had to evacuate.

How in the world did Lucky end up as part of her name? She was feeling anything but.

So when she arrived up North, she was shell-shocked. And, the medical team discovered, her heart was being attacked by heartworm, an aggressive parasite that doesn’t go down without a fight—a months-long, multiple rounds of treatment kind of fight. CHS was committed to making Lucky Sue well, and to showing her lots of love and reasons to trust again.

It was a slow go. She remained timid and shy, but warmed up to a few staff members, even wiggling her body with hints of excitement when they hand-fed her “meatballs” made of wet food and kibble. To them, she was their “little wiggle waggle.”

Around most other people, she remained cautious and withdrawn. But her new foster family quickly found the key to unlocking Lucky Sue’s slightly more outgoing side: dog friends.

She stayed by her temporary dog-sibling’s side no matter what they were doing. He helped her feel safe and more confident and showed her it was okay to trust humans. She became a different pup around him. Meanwhile, that nasty heartworm was on his way out as Lucky Sue continued treatment with frequent visits to CHS’ medical department.

With her medical progress and a better understanding of an environment that would let her blossom, Lucky Sue began looking for a foster-to-adopt home. The two must-haves? A current canine resident to be her buddy and a willingness to continue visiting CHS for heartworm treatment.

After a bit of waiting, the right family (and dog friend) came along. Finally, Lucky Sue’s name was the perfect fit.

Lucky Sue: The Name Finally Fits

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