Pets and People Agree: #CHSlovesSNE


“There they go, taking my picture again!” pets across America thought this fall, as their doting parents snapped away and uploaded photo after photo to social media.

All the camera action wasn’t just documenting another cute moment with Fifi or Fido. It raised money for pets in need, with help from Subaru of New England.

And Subaru representatives visited Connecticut Humane Society pets March 8 to celebrate!

Subaru of New England made a $10,000 donation to CHS following its “SNE Loves Pets” social media campaign, which was held in October. The company had pledged to donate $5 to CHS and five other Northeast animal welfare organizations for each pet picture that anyone across the country posted that month on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with a special #SNElovespets hashtag.

Thousands of animal lovers responded, filling social media feeds with faces of their furry and feathered friends. The idea was to make a gift to animals in need, while also promoting adoption and all the ways pets enrich the lives of their loved ones.

Joseph Blichfeldt and Peter Zagorski, of Quality Subaru in Wallingford, Hayden Reynolds, of Reynolds Subaru in Lyme, and Bob Bennet and Patrick Winther, of Subaru New England, saw firsthand during their March 8 trip to CHS Newington how the $10,000 donation would make an impact on homeless pets. They met a mama cat who was due to deliver her kittens that week, and visited the medical department. They stopped to greet a dog on her way outside for a walk, and took a lap around the cat condos before heading over to see pooches awaiting forever families.

And they even brought CHS pups their own Subarus! (Well, in a way…miniature, plush squeaky toy Imprezas.)

Safe to say staff, volunteers and the pets all agree: #CHSlovesSNE!

Pets and People Agree: #CHSlovesSNE

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