Rough Starts Turn to Happy Endings

When you hear their stories, you can’t help but wonder: what if?

What if a Good Samaritan hadn’t heard Sloth, a 4-week-old Siamese mix, meowing in distress from inside a closed garbage can outside? What if the staff member at the Newington historical society hadn’t noticed the box holding Mozart, a lethargic gray kitten, sitting outside the building? And what if the person who left Megan, a young calico with an eye infection, in a duct-taped container at the Connecticut Humane Society’s door had instead chosen a spot where no one would have seen her?

The felines all found their way to CHS and a brighter future. But their journeys started in a way none of them deserved, underscoring the continued need for animal cruelty prevention.

Whether they’d been left behind because of their medical conditions was unknown. But a few things were crystal clear: They were safe and loved in their new temporary home at CHS and would have access to all the medical treatment they needed.

With his head hanging down and a frown on his tiny face, Sloth was weak, cold and, true to his name, pretty sluggish when he arrived (except when expressing his annoyance during check-ups with tiny hisses).

As the feisty little boy grew, he went home with members of the medical team for overnight observation and later found love in a foster home. And though he was soon cleared medically, this odd duck still confounded the CHS team, even using his water bowl as a litter box. Despite his young age, Sloth’s favorite hobby was laying in his bed. And cuddling with him was a no-go.

He wasn't sure how to be a kitten. Until he met Gloria. A buff-colored beauty who so resembled Sloth they could have been mistaken for siblings, Gloria was playful and had mastered water bowls and litter boxes. Sloth was fascinated by her, and she became his teacher and best friend. It was decided that when it came time for adoption, they were a package deal.

Finding the perfect home for a pair of quirky kittens was going to be a challenge. And though it took some time, that family came along. Sloth still plays games of “follow the leader” at home with Gloria, but when they’re not off playing, you can find them snoozing in a comfy chair with their new dad.

When Mozart was delivered to CHS, he was dehydrated, thin and just down in the dumps. He perked up when getting attention and wanted company when he ate. It took time to lift his spirits, but things turned a corner when a CHS vet fostered him at home.

While he certainly needed the medical attention, the extra TLC was essential. He didn’t spend long on the adoption floor when he was ready to find love right after the new year. When his new family chose him, it was music to his ears!

Perky Megan was simply a happy gal from Day One, despite only having vision in one eye. The other was so infected and swollen, it was shut for her first few days in the maternity ward. It soon healed up and reopened, and then according to Megan, it was officially playtime all the time.

And that’s even how she charmed her new mom when they first met. They had a blast playing with a magic wand toy in an adoption room, and the rest is history.

Though Sloth, Mozart and Megan all found their happy endings, their rough beginnings could have been avoided—CHS exists to make that possible. But thanks to generous donors, care is waiting for pets no matter how they find their way to CHS’ doorstep.

Rough Starts Turn to Happy Endings

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