Pets & People Celebrate CHS Founder's Day

Everyone from pets, to adopters, to staff and supporters celebrated 136 years of lifesaving animal welfare work on the last weekend of April, as the Connecticut Humane Society held its annual Founder’s Day adoption event.

CHS’ three locations in Newington, Westport and Waterford matched 40 pets with new families during the adoption promotion, which discounted fees for those two days for dogs and cats who were 1 year or older.

And someone who did some extra celebrating was Conrad, an 8-year-old pooch who’s been at CHS for 8 months! A lot of his time was spent with the medical team as they examined and treated his skin issues, but he was also waiting to find the family that was just right for him. When he found his new loved ones this weekend, he realized it was all worth the wait.

Fredo, a Bernese mountain dog, was another long-termer whose life changed on Founder’s Day weekend. He had been living with a CHS foster family for the past several months while being treated by CHS for heartworm and had just been cleared by the medical department as ready for adoption. His foster parents decided they couldn’t let him go and officially made him part of their family!

CHS has continued serving pets like Fredo and Conrad and the people of Connecticut since it was founded in 1881, offering pet wellness and adoption services and more through work made possible by donors, adopters and volunteers.

CHS was founded in 1881 by Gertrude O. Lewis, a senior at Hartford Public High School, with its charter being accepted by its first Board of Directors on April 26, 1881. CHS is recognized as one of the early pioneers of the humanitarianism movement that spread through the United States from 1875 to 1900, and grew from a basement office in 1902 to its current headquarters in Newington.

Pets & People Celebrate CHS Founder's Day

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