Behind the Music: Axel the Poodle

When Axel arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society, he was a little mystery wrapped up in white, curly fluff. Vomiting had become part of his daily routine, and his appetite was nearly nonexistent—for no obvious reason. What could be causing such a battle inside him?

An x-ray by staff veterinarians showed no foreign objects in his stomach, and other tests and exams couldn’t pinpoint a particular problem. He finally perked up when chicken and yogurt showed up in his food bowl, but the tummy trouble seemed here to stay.

CHS’ medical (AKA detective) team was going to get to the bottom of this. After all, Axel was still a healthy guy at 8 years old, other than some troublesome teeth that could be taken care of and achy joints. Plus, he was a real character and full of life, just like a certain rock band front man with a nearly identical name.

A different type of x-ray finally found the pain-causing culprit: a peach pit! Looks like someone was sneaking the wrong kind of “snacks” and chew toys before he arrived at CHS. Axel was immediately scheduled for surgery with CHS veterinarians.

Following his procedure, he was officially on the mend, although it took a few days for his cheerful side to emerge and for him to begin eating normal meals. Luckily, he was now chowing down on dog food, rather than insisting his two-legged buddies raid the humans’ fridge again.

After bunking with a foster family for a few weeks during recovery, he was ready to be a star on CHS’ adoption floor. And sometimes, if you listened closely, you could hear a sort of bark-singing: "Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the bones are plenty. Ohhh, won't you please take me home!"

No one ever caught him in the act, but they didn’t have much time to try. Before long, he auditioned for the role of family pet for a local couple who fell in love with him and agreed to be this little rock star’s new entourage. And Axel couldn’t wait to go rock ‘n’ roll in his new home.

Behind the Music: Axel the Poodle

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