Carly's Last No Longer

Carly seemed to always lag behind. She was the last of her litter to make an entrance into the world. She wasn’t pushy at dinnertime and waited to eat until the crowd left the bowls. She brought up the caboose for games of puppy tag during playtime.

And when some of her pals were picked to become New Englanders and say goodbye to their overcrowded shelter in the South, she was last again. Just when the bus seemed full, its driver said, “We can take one more.” Someone placed Carly in his arms and she got on board to join the ride to the Connecticut Humane Society.

The trip north for the two-month-old Catahoula leopard dog was long, and a bit scary. But by morning, Carly and her fellow furry travelers reached Connecticut and things looked hopeful. The grass felt cool, the sun warmed their fur, and the people she met were so nice. Carly’s stunning eyes stopped one of them in her tracks. She hugged Carly, saying softly, “Everything will be okay.”

After getting a once-over by a CHS veterinarian, Carly got her own soft blanket, chew toys, some yummy food and a bowl of water, and she met other nice people when it was time to play. She could get used to this!

Soon, she started hearing the people saying big words that she didn’t understand. Vaccination. Spay surgery. Grooming. But like the friendly lady said on the day Carly arrived, everything really was turning out okay.

Things were about to be so much more than okay. One morning, the humans kept talking about “Clear the Shelters.” What did it mean, Carly wondered? She liked this place. Would she have to leave and get back on the big bus?

She’d soon be leaving, yes. But it would be to a home of her very own. Because she was about to be the first pet adopted at CHS’ Clear the Shelters event.

A staff member knelt in front of her cage. “You’re the first dog adopted at Clear the Shelters!” she said. Carly bounced around, wagging her tail, as the staff member gave her a pretty collar and her new mom beamed nearby. She was going home, and finally, for the first time, she got to be first at something.

Carly's Last No Longer

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