Twitch Turns Heads

Twitch was the kind of cat who made you do a double take. Those ears! What was going on there? One was standing at attention, doing its normal cat-ear job, while the other flopped over onto his head, deflated and flat.

But what may have been an endearing and unique look was also a medical problem requiring urgent attention. When Twitch arrived at the CHS Pet Wellness and Adoption Center in Waterford, staff told the gray and white kitty to clear his calendar: He was going to be here for a while.

This guy was no spring chicken either. Twitch was a bona fide senior at 10 years old. That meant he would likely have other conditions needing treatment and could use an extra dose of patience and love along the way.

Sure enough, the medical team uncovered patches of problematic skin with scabs and lesions and found that his chompers left a lot to be desired—in fact, many teeth were missing. As for those ears, chronic infections had triggered cauliflower ear (a build-up of scar tissue that makes the ear look deformed and crinkled). Polyps had also taken up residence in his ear canal, which made cleaning and properly medicating the area almost impossible. And it left him trying to feel better in his own way: by shaking and itching his head, which caused even more damage.

While his floppy ear may have given up, Twitch and the CHS medical team would not. Despite his discomfort, Twitch was downright pleasant, happy to finally be on the road to relief, while his veterinarians and vet techs were determined to make him comfortable now and later in life. After x-rays, medication and monitoring, and a full exam of his ear under anesthesia, vets agreed Twitch’s condition warranted an ear canal removal.

Vets penciled in surgery with a specialist. Meanwhile, he got a full dental work-up and a special diet to help with skin allergies.

The sweet senior became a mainstay in the medical department and took all the poking and prodding like a champ. Nothing got him—or his appetite—down. Just a day after his ear canal removal surgery, he happily chowed down on his Friskies, wore the “cone of shame” without a fight, and watched the hustle and bustle of the medical department from his comfy bed.

It took a while for him to fully heal, but after four months of pretty intensive care, he was ready for the adoption floor. He met his new mom a mere six hours after starting his search for a family. His ear would never be back to normal, but his heart finally was—full of love and hope.

Twitch Turns Heads

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